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Going bibhuti bob at hebrew how did you will get on these how did you will get all these drunk score they could mexico i don't know he's not doing that my gosh but that's what the media that's what this dip wad judge acts like you know what if i went to how man there's just i just went up honestly kinda be real with you as some spend the rest of this hour making fun of this judge this all i wanted to do trump is not going to do something i got reported at gardez shooter junction to stop him for not doing anything it proved so activists like this uh this this court is i mean just imagine data is actually not constitutional it had to be an executive order it live be it had to be an executive order because congress wouldn't do it and now trump is their forced would because his political in the news and everywhere else about daca and these quote unquote dreamers he's gotta deal with in some way and this is what he's doing and they still can't give them credit now i can't i mean it just the uk it's like you can't thorough rock out on the west coast of that hidden some phnom skull judge wait a minute he's not going to do something but that's doing something i've got your suna junction i'd say it's really it's remarkable it's really just the ridiculousness is quite remarkable so to clinton appointed judge hussein you need to do something rather than not do it do you need to do something an you need to you need to basically do something unconstitutional that's what they're saying every issued an injunction against you to stop you from acting within the bounds of the constitution that's what they're doing who's this chat to them here now i'm all in it now i'm all it it now oh i just i find that don't you find that stunning i find that stunning it's like issued an executive order will gain a really need you to go and really just defies the ones you know fourth amendment rights to score and do it it's an injunction you have to.

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