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Or littered all over ron smackdown. This is for real. This is really really happening. I can't wait for it. I can't wait <hes> and i think we are going to go with the plan so starting starting probably the first week of october. I think we're gonna have a two podcasts a week. We're going to have the standard podcast. I would probably an abridged version of the state of wrestling where it will cover smackdown and pay per views and do an interview every monday on not sam wrestling then every thursday. We're gonna do a not sam wrestling update and that's going to be a <hes> just topical stuff. It's going to cover raw. It's going to cover a w. It's gonna cover annex t anything else that happens in the meantime meantime in between time but i feel like so much is going to be happening with wrestling wants. The fall begins that one podcast a week if we really want to get into it is not going to be enough enough so that's the plan. Set your calendar starting october. We got a month left of the podcasting the way we've been doing it every thursday a morning first thing when you wake up and my goal is so you're going to be sitting there okay well monday. The podcast is gonna come out. My goal is and and this is gonna be tough if i'm on the road w._w._e. For some of it but i'll still me i'm figured out the goal is gonna be immediately after the paper used who's to record those state of wrestling segments so i can get the podcast up the night. I can get the podcast done so that first thing monday morning. Those podcasts are up and the same thing thursday will be an afternoon release thursday will happen because wednesday night will go down <hes> i will go to work. I will come home. The thursday podcast will be an afternoon release. It will go up when it goes up on thursday usually early afternoon monday. I'll all still plan on doing it first thing monday morning and everything that i do whether it's on sunday night whether it's the thursday podcast when the thursday podcast gets recorded our court here in the nazi a._m. Studio barring any reason for it not to be recorded here in the not sam studio and one that is recorded. I will do it live on patriots. You will be able to watch the video live stream it contribute interact. Whatever you wanna do everything that we record for the podcast besides the interviews. We'll be done live on video so if you're on patriot patriot dot com slash not sam wrestling..

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