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Said was lisa never have to now prefer island again i thought that was kind of the sweet moment it really was yes i'm glad you did yes i really leaker packed i agree with martin what your aunt from from we're talking about the coaching pedigree of even who you definitely tobacco she yeah the question the albert albert albert hold on for second hour degrees become the other coaches these are going to be on the other coach in the eastern conference can you name yep we just the best conference you'll you'll the other hand you can't even name like a couple of conscious of these god for who they say that if guarded equality could make or any of you reason why the with it could be you it lack of defense the core perry your money market more mocking will don't want to recap our i wanna recapping last year and i don't wanna recap the last series which are point i won't when the folks well then are enable quite a poor little thing that i but they're going to white people we will be greatly crowder rapidly i figured how i think they're gonna get swept albert of course they think they're gonna why why does you know here it's has view hate my wife hey mutt why do i what i think much rambler i think what aggregate incoherent rambler i i did not fit in wait wait too long oh okay right uganda railway train even harder than jerry what's that is definitely my so i brought him i flyer today we got to flyers thousands rob charry i got one yesterday as well by the way so davos morale is a mud at night caller he i don't.

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