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'cause we, they don't like the superman, right? Even in the continuity of the universe, they don't really trust or like the superman. So it's like how the whole premise of BBS exactly that they don't trust trust this guy. No benefit comes along and like, well, well, so I'm gonna clean up this mess. Yes, some people do, but a lot of people are afraid of him because you don't know him right because he, he just appears one day, fuck shit up, and he's gone with no explanation of a friend or foe when you stand for, you know he doesn't. He doesn't do the thing in comics where he. He does the interview with the lowest, and you know the explain where he comes from what is power is are what he's trying to achieve. You know, in the original superman movie debts, the whole point of that scene is so then she can go on and print that. So then the world can know who he is and not be like, oh God, this alien sky alien dudes gonna come kill us. All right. And I mean, they don't even know he's alien. You know, until the explains this shift runny nose like fucking God just came onto the cloud. Shooting lasers on his is it's shit. So I mean, I mean, I hope poor Henry Cavill doesn't get Jim because honestly, the way it's starting to seem like he's one more money than what they're willing to give him to keep being superman. So we might end up pulling Ben Affleck with him and just be like, well, he just won't be superman no more which they've done in the past. Yeah. Hey, bring brand Brandon. Ralph back. He ain't doing legitimate tomorrow anyway. So. He should over. He doing shit anywhere you just like pretty. I got some time watching watching time, but anyway, so this one, this one threw me off. This one really threw me off. So. We, I know I had seen something about this months ago, but I didn't think. That I had actually heard it correctly, or I thought it was a joke, but they are making a Dora the explorer movie. Now that's the part. That's fine. That's whatever. Okay. Sure. They live action like a live action movie. That's fine. The point that I thought it was a joke is Michael bay is producing this. Boots in the puck and transformers. Oh, pretty much. Okay. So I'm giving this story for mashed dot com. This is the animated TV series keeps up.

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