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There might be a kajillions things that they're donating things too and you obviously have to prioritize no matter how wealthy you are. Bill Gates. Whoever the wealthiest guy in the world is Doesn't matter like you can pretty much get rid of all your wealth in about five hours just by the unbelievably large numbers of great charities. There are and great causes. There are kept. So what do you think British Open? Looks like it's done. I liked the one thing about this whole deal. The whole Cova thing is from experts to family people to leaders to sport team owners. All that stuff in the end all of them are saying the same deal as shut the stuff down We don't know when we're going to start up again. The main number one thing that we should be focusing on is is staying safe and healthy and people stop going out. What it means to me is that we're here in April sister April second right now and the actual tournament doesn't start until July sixteenth and that's worthwhile asking myself. The question with thing be over like when are we going to resume normalcy and all the sudden something new comes in Wimbledon was canceled this week. The Olympics now the British open which is in the mid July. Like the these your answers you know. Sports is giving us the answer as to when things might return to normal and the answer right now is not anytime before mid-july right. Yeah I still don't I think it's way too early for people to start to expect an answer on when this thing's going to end you know and even even the pandemic experts in infectious disease guys are going. We don't know we don't know. And even when it does get to a place where the curve gets flattened and they start to look at trying to get back to some sort of normalcy. It might even say after that but maybe gotta wait another month. You know kind of like my my ex wife as you know is at my my house my town halls and I went over to hers because she's seen patients all day as a doctor so no one goes to that house known goes back to my house. Do stand outside the door. So when this thing ends Steve. She's been living in my town house. How much how much longer do I have to wait when she leaves that house? Like the got away two weeks till everything dies in there if she had the riders. So there's all that followed. I think there's a bit of science on that right leg. It's if it's on hard surfaces the seems to be stats on that live from hotter of ours. I would think that the house will be good to go to fumigate or anything like that if you be able to day buffer. You're probably find that's true. You might have maybe toxins fear growing out of the wall out not saying it's not hazardous but it may not be anything related your wife or corona virus anyway. I don't disagree with any of that. It's not like come on British Open. Don't cancel bright. What do you think about these provincial? Things like these right now. Quebec this week. You know the just all the bridges we have here in the city of Ottawa Between Ottawa. And the uderway. Quebec is basically put up checkpoints basically to prevent Ontarians from entering Quebec. And I just I'm I'm I'm wondering if that's maybe not a bit much now. Well I don't think anything's a bit much anything anything. Well there's gotta be it's gotTa be what you'll accept. I just I don't I don't think it is I. I think anyone say well. We're not going to allow this. We're not going to allow this. I'm like absolutely have her. There's there's nothing over the top but I is for sure there is well. You're you've reacted differently to this thing that I I've found myself when it happened. This is not say this is sort of crazy and and walking out of my house coach. I guess I shouldn't be doing this. You know walking around the mall or and then of course it built bigger and bigger and bigger next thing. I'm not even going near my front door saying no I'm not going. You're you're you. You didn't quite react the same way. I'm not saying it's right wrong or otherwise but I'm a I'm I fall into that category of of nervous twitchy guy on a you know eight out of a scale of one to ten on how I am about it. I personally in a selfish way. T- Steve I smoke and I'm sixty and everything I look at is if you smoke and your sixty be careful so the I mean honestly. The cigarettes are probably a bigger problem. I mean if if I'm objectively measuring out bigger threats and think I would say maybe stop smoking that right which don't come up but I'm about to actually go by a microphone this afternoon. I don't think you should get that thing delivered. Well here's here's how it works. It's pretty cool actually. So it's a local store Basically I go online. I ordered the Mike and I just click the box that says pickup. And so yeah it's paid for. It's done the transaction is done. All I got to do is go pick it up. I go to the store. I sit in the parking lot from the parking lot iphone in and Sam here. Here's my license plate number. They basically come out. I popped my trunk. They throw it in. I shut the trunk. After they're gone. Boom Gonzo wow driving and bring me a team Burger and frosty root beer to just put it onto the site at my window. He's going to be on roller skates like they used to be happy days. Arnold's well that's good totally touch list. Smart that's smart so that I guess that isn't over if you're super cautious about it so I'll tell you what you know. Who's doing their part. Steve and I've got to give them credit. Okay is in China. Shenzhen is stepping up and making it illegal to eat dogs or cats now. That's that's getting on board here. That's going to have a huge domino effect around the rest of the World Steve. You're not allowed to eat your pets. Just this is important. Steve if we're going to provide any public service anyone through this form in this podcast we you know we owe it to people too. I'm looking at them because you you sent me this story. It says under the new rules which come into effect May I? The government says it'll be illegal to eat animals raised as pets in Shenzhen which becomes the first city in the country to ban the consumption of cats and dogs. But my thought is soya. Are you allowed to go out and eat free range dogs and cats the way the government says it's only illegal to eat animals that you've raised as pets think about Jesus. What did what did Menus is to look like Steve. You know we're going to start with a little appetizer of rover and then fluffy is going to be a part of the country that we whiskers whiskers we wrap wrap up a nice beautiful desert with whiskers is on the menu. I just don't get it. Maybe the first by law should be not eat bats. There you go. Maybe that's how this all things started. Yeah anyway I just thought it was April fools to be honest with you. I thought it was looking at a headline from from April. First but new knows Steve. I wonder what's changed since March in a landmark court decision. No no eating your dog or cat. Yeah what is it that I'm wondering what what's what's changed things? What's what's Stem the tide of of cat and dog munching in Shenzhen. Why did they why they become the first Chinese city and yet the rest of China is still so game to take down fluffy and FIDO boy? These laws are unbelievable. Are they marinated? Billy did you put them in. What's the recipe for this? They're fantastic so fresh. And then meanwhile like the rest of the world is so deeply in love with cats and dogs like social media like clearly the number two thing after porn that people want to see is cat videos. Cats being playful messing around the dogs have got up there as well. We love cats and dogs will protect them like they found a serial killer primarily. Because somebody was doing bad things to cats all share. You don't f with cats where they found Luca magna basically because this guy had originally started posting videos of himself killing cats. That's other rest of the world naturally thinks of dogs and cats. I don't know what China's problem is well or tagging. The latest thing on Netflix. Right that that is is beyond dysfunction. Check it out. It's like you can't believe what you're watching. You're right right. That's all of big cats and kept in captivity in zoos. So we're going to take time out when we come back on the show. We'll talk about what's going on with the Sans we'll also talk about Jeff Luna in. Aj hinch supposedly suspended for a year. But what if there is no baseball season? Get to that next after. These words can't think.

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