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Think that marquee step is is is the most likely candidate to start if he is deemed one hundred percent healthy. But i do think that if if step has any hint that he is not one hundred percent ready to go i think that either morrison savion morrison or gabe. Urban will take the start. But i i'm feeling really confident with step i think he's gonna be A really valuable asset for us to have and if he is truly healthy. I completely agree with your lineup. I'm really excited to see all I'm really excited to see what all martin can do. I don't know why just have like a weird weird gone for the guy that is very weird Defense black shirts. I think the first three uglies upfront will be tie robinson damian daniels and been stillie at outside linebacker on one side will be gioja domain on the other side will be garret nelson and i think the inside linebackers will be chris. Calera vich interchangeable with luke. Rhymer have feeling they might because starters it's really when it really all comes down to it and nick henrik at that other spots He's true has been talked about a lot this fall. And then obviously the defensive backfield which i think is probably the strongest part of our defense And may be the reason why you why you could be right. That oklahoma's the most likely team. We could upset because rattlers not going to be used to dealing with this much experience in defensive. Backfield yep Camp taylor brett at one corner where you've got dispute and deonte williams at the safeties and going into fall camp i would have i would have sworn up and down that Quinton newsome was gonna lock that spot down. But it's been a three headed race for the last two weeks and i have a feeling Number one tyreek johnson. The transfer from from Ohio state's gonna take that spot and start the season there. What do you think. Do you think i've pretty much lined out a pretty decent set of blackshirts shirts there. Yeah yeah it's it's. It's mirroring exactly what i would have What i would have predicted and back on our episodes of our yeah episode seven where we talk about all of the players. We had our watch in our watch. Curious curious and i am still going to hold hold true to to those guys. And i'm curious about but i think that this is solid lineup. That we will end up seen on the field and i. Yeah maybe we will see quin newsome. But i really think that tyreek took took that job. I do think so. think so. We'll see when they run out on the field. I could be completely wrong or at rocker on running back. And it could be off my rocker on quarterbacks i do think that rymere's will could possibly take But i'm percent on that we're good strong five deep. I mean really. Honus wasn't hurt. we'd be sela. God beautiful beautiful. I i think it feels. I don't know about you but it feels really good that that we are stuck in a predicament of like thinking. We have good Not so many. We have enough good players that were actually struggling trying to figure out who the starter guys be. Yeah it's not a career. It's not a clear start because we have depth and that's something that i haven't felt like we've had this entire time. We've had frost as our code. You've got Agree that feels real..

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