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The radio six thirty nine that Nyland Frankie an alley from Staten Island jersey, like everybody doesn't. So what do we call out jersey out now? The court the Frank. He was so happy to be in Staten Island at Hillcrest. He's only fifteen minutes from his house. Rollout. When I must. I must say we had a great time, and we left together. Sorry. I missed it. But I I went over to Lorenzo's, and I said hi great team over laments owes a club. I always play. I walked across the beautiful prowl lowest. I just want you to sing beautiful people. No. Towels this time. And one won only police officers. There says Joe you New York New York seeing you speak. I'm just here. And Joe degrade Joe purchase Degray, and he just went Joe Piscopo here and Julian mealy was their joy in Malay, FOX and friends. And I said in the middle of the all the pictures and everything around the step and repeat thing. I said I wanted to meet you. She's great. I want your love. Schmidt. Every morning. I'm not often yet. Quite a following. And she's a great guy. Does a great job. And I wanna say, hey, thanks for being. It's great that a national correspondent like that goes and supports this the blues lives matter, and because the politicians airless I was wrong job Borelli would have been there. He's Joe Clinton doing Martin. He always early on. But no, I didn't see anyone else. See the with three events that night. You had that you had Scotla Baidoa's ardent elation that was that was veterans with PTSD, and then you had an event of coalition opposing mayor Blasio's homeless shelter policy on Staten Island. So three big events. All drew several hundred people all happening at the same time people stay with me on this Frankie Fibro. So they're gonna put like homeless next to people who are paying a lot of money for their homes, and they were put home a homeless shelters in Staten Island. Well, this is a citywide a plan of the mayor's. So the the Staten Island aspect that has gotten so much attention. And has to do with a homeless shelter that they're planning on the north shore. And a lot of the a lot of the residents are upset because they feel that it's a little too big. And that, you know, they don't feel that it's in keeping with the character of the neighborhood, but this is a citywide thing. So the mayor's plan is to open ninety new homeless shelters across or five boroughs over the next five years. So this is not going over well in the communities that are expected to house these community should have every right to vote. What comes in? And what doesn't come in as simple as that. They put the taxes that we pay in New York, New jersey, Staten Island, included, of course, it unless I heard it was still in New York, Staten Island. Inspite of what many of them, you know, they should you don't want something in your neighborhood, you should vote. And now now may have humbly suggest to this de Blasio administration to work with cardinal Dolan work with the Catholic church. Not only in supplying homeless shelters in the affordable housing that cardinal Dolan ounce ladies afternoon, a big shout out to Catholic charities. They're doing that. But also in public schools, the public schools, they just can't do million dollars a Newark, New Jersey. Booker was there and governor Christie went down, and they went on Oprah hundred million dollars going. No one knows where dying one went right? So my suggestion humbly, though, disaster on the radio, I'm not a politician. Clearly, maybe maybe she work within the Catholic school system because those schools are great, and maybe bring a little of that into the public school system. Just. The other thing about the homeless shelters. If you're not gonna put them in every borough where are you going to put them are you into scruple the homeless people and stick them in one area where nobody wants them. Unfortunately for this. I think everybody in every borough has to kind of make a concession here. Say look we need to have a homeless shelter here. And that's the way it's going to be the problem is is that the mayor wants to do it in a cloak of secrecy. He doesn't want to inform the public in the areas that he wants. And that's to me. That's the bigger problem is mental illness is to me, the primary reason of homelessness, mental illness. You see on the street we see it every day to people outside right down to walk down the street. And I looked at these poor guys man, and you want to go and help them on how to help them, by the way. I gotta do this. I got there was a port authority homeless van tune, no vans. I saw Madison Square Garden at the Rangers game last week, and it said homeless assistance. How about that? That's great problem is those homeless people. Don't want to get on those don't want to go to the shelters that point. That's part of the wrangled people off the street, and they're going to put them next to Al Tula Tula household with you and your kid in your white. And would you be okay with that? You know, what if that if that was the case, then, you know, that's that's get off my lawn. The first thing. Off my lawn compassion, we have to have compassion. Excuse me. You have to have compassion for these people. Plenty of places there are plenty of places where where they can build homeless shelters where people can scream about property values and all this other stuff or whatever. But you know, what the bottom line is everyone's taxes keep going up your property values are going to be where they. And I say this respectfully there are so many blown out areas. And I walked those streets blown out devastated forgotten areas of the cities of the United States in New Jersey in New York all over go to these areas that are most at risk most stress, and maybe you could create a home. I'm just saying because the land is there the buildings are there. They all now they're taking over the turn into drug dens. And maybe take it over there. When you do I go into a community where people work so hard to come into this country. Let me finish. And they go in. They learn the language that the laws they pay the astronomical taxes. You should have the right in your community say who's moving including the cost of living houses, and our friend assemblyman, John Brown, Nick is so right now, you can't just take somebody go you don't like where you living. We're going to put you in that that big expensive neighborhood why because you deserve to be there. Excuse me. People worked hard to get to where they get. You can't just get. Stuff away in that regard. I on the and that's jersey thing. And I agree with you on that. I don't think it's a right that people should back to wear the problem and writes from the way, we should go but Honduras, Guatemala back. That's why we have the border problem because they don't fix where the problem is starting that problem in New Jersey has been going on now for more than forty years. They continue to kick the can down the road while fighting the federal government to prevent this from happening and they lost. So now all of a sudden these towns are rushing to catch up to the federal mandate by putting in a certain percentage of affordable housing some towns, did it smartly. A lot of towns are going to have major problems with that. Because the school going to be overcrowded because they have to put in a certain amount of affordable housing in Intel's that have expanded the the point the point here is why why can't we make it easier in New York City, I'm talking about. Why can't we make it easier for homeless people to get help the city tried to do something where people who are working who were living in shelters? They tried to get them homes in New Jersey. Have you sign this form? We'll get you a place in New Jersey. You can move their whatever here's the problem. There was no oversight. They paid landlords a year of ranked upfront. And what are these guys? Do. They put them in places. They couldn't live in. Then we're in there were unlivable never taken in the court in the city has no answer is oversight. Temperate Cisco, did you see that John starts at a piece wasn't an old piece amendement. Oh. This problem in San Francisco with homeless Frankie Francisco talk about taxes talk about least affordable community in the whole country. We city they let anybody in the and and the homeless problem there is is opposed to be worse than any Eddie. And if you see the video the video doesn't lie there's tents in Los Angeles. Pussy. Gavin Newsom makes the governor of California he was mayor of San Francisco, and they'd go they act like they go after Donald Trump and the border take care the homeless. How about when you think about Alon, Omar don't get me started to leave Michigan and Minnesota this homeless there as well. What are they talking about how bad Israel is? And don't do business with Israel. And could you help could they go back and help the people in Barack Obama? He should be walking the streets of his Senate since day one. I've been saying almost ten years now at that. He should go back to the south side of Chicago and help build that up with all the people those kids kill the ready this weekend, Chicago, that's not a word not a word from the media and not a word from the Democrats. Yeah. Well, I'm less familiar with the homeless situation in Chicago, Michigan San Francisco, but in terms of mayor Blasio's a homeless shelter plan. I think the the reasons that it's getting so much opposition. Everyone recognizes the need to do something about homelessness in New York City. And I'm sure there are a lot of people that were. We're at that homeless event on on Saturday, and they can call in and comment if they want, but I think the three issues that aren't sitting right with people is that certain communities like in the north shore of Staten Island at this forty four victory boulevard site, they're talking about a facility for something like two or three hundred families. Whereas in the south shore. They're the south shore only has to get at twenty two bed facility. So there's a feeling that a lot of neighborhoods are being are being forced to shoulder a little bit more of the burden than other neighborhoods. Are also, you know, this is smack dab in the middle of the bay street rezoning, which is tremendously upscale neighborhood so to put a homeless shelter. They're alive or residents feel sort of out of character with where they're going also because it's a homeless shelter. The city doesn't have to go through what they call the Euler process uniform land use review process, which every other private development has to go through. So the city doesn't have to follow its own rules. But if you were a private developer trying to build some sort of private housing you'd have to go through this lengthy Euler process, which the city itself doesn't have to go through. That's why you're seeing this lawsuit to stop him. Where is everybody wants they closed Rikers wears ever knew there. They're going to go into other communities, right that the mayor chooses that the people in those communities will not be able to vote on my right? Well, we probably not. I mean, I don't think they're going to have to they're going to be subject to the Euler process either. I mean in Staten Island, we're not going to get jail. But the other boroughs are getting the when the mayor's here, you know, he was in Las Vegas over the weekend back. He's back eight seven seven nine seven twenty nine ninety nine. I see we're going to go to traffic in the second. I'm looking at a headline poacher killed eaten..

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