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This just happened yesterday. But so where it is really. So there's really court said okay you can stay on the land but you have to pay rent. They're saying we're not paying rent to jewish organization and israeli organization because we are land. Just because jordan on principle on principle just because jordan. That's sort of like a wisdom of solomon solution if this organization says they own the land fine then pay them rent and you can stay. They don't wanna live there. They just wanna show that there. Although i don't know how true that is but but so often the arab because they didn't want to pay rent on principle. Also they're saying the incompetency that you're gaining government that didn't transfer the land to that. Because i think it's understood i think it was. I think that's what they're kind of arguing is understood that they were getting these houses and they were just incompetent bureaucracy. That didn't that didn't transfer landlord didn't care didn't pay attention to it. That's how i understand. Why my house. Where i raise my children and grandchildren for fifty years. Now you're pulling out this weird technical legal mumbo jumbo and saying that. I can't live here. I mean there's of nothing that i did wrong. I've been behaving perfectly legally all along these crazy situations they're few years ago wings ran the core fellowship so we visited one of these homes arab values to talk to the arab family. There right so that that's their understand but certainly their understanding that this is their home and it was just like you know this is the middle east. You sit there excluded correct understanding so they're living and so the government. The corks basically gave half of their their land which is also half of their house to a jewish family. So they're living. Basically in a divided house divided courtyard next to jewish family. That doesn't recognize their existence and they don't recognize a jewish family existence. And it's crazy because their neighbors decided that you don't talk to your neighbors. You actually have a political dispute. You know it's like it's an by the end of the day To me anyway. Look jewish site says okay. We've found a loophole. The jordanians should have done what they did. They didn't do it. it's their problem. We're going to take advantage of that. And and these palestinian families which could amount to hundreds of them are now have been in any precedent they're going to push more and more people displaced. Yeah right now. I think they're talking about like seventy eighty but it could go further. Yeah yeah. I mean the cases. They're out for decision for families and this is what happens and basically what you're talking about is the little guy. Getting caught in a geopolitical. Yup dispute were now everything becomes politics even the even the ownership of your like home yard..

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