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Fox news radio i'm jill nato the gop his latest effort to repeal and replace obamacare losing support senator susan collins of maine saying the graham cassidy measure is deeply flawed have to do what i think is right for the people of maine and the people of this country collins join senators mccain vollan crew is effectively derailing the measure crime rates are edging up in america's law enforcement wants to know why the fbi crime stands for 2016 indicate violent crime rose four point one percent the second year in a row of increasing violent crime it truly resonates biko's were seen it across mall county mediumsized and large carolus well national chefs association director john thompson says the opioid crisis may play a role but it is too soon to say why there's been an increase jessica rosenthal fox news the dow jones of the nasdaq and the sp 500 futures all flat thoughts nails free report you decide we face at three p m the savage nation only on the talk of connecticut what about the guys who have to go in the shower with them should we build a third bathroom on every submarine now is that of another torpedo chill build and other toilet shower accorded the aclu we don't need a torpedo two or a missile through what we need and other toilet through another far let her trannies got new charlotte's for it friday for the military that is not the job of the various savage nation weekdays at three p m talk of connecticut it's a conversation about politics doesn't have to devolve into name calling and yelling there were civil place for civil discuss the forward stage and the bay of ideas top joined the weekdays after brad davis then the new for and sets on the talk of connecticut news politics approach by everything is fair game in your thoughts matter a difference of opinion is in a bad thing let your voice be heard and join the conversation eight eight eight five seven four two seven two three six ten the.

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