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Took to the streets of Johannesburg as experts say Africa is the most vulnerable to climate change and the least equipped to deal with it in San Francisco this hour there are thousands of protesters marching through city streets from the financial district of city hall the protests our time to begin a week of activism as the United Nations at the United Nations I should say including a youth climate summit on Saturday and a U. N. climate action summit on Monday a contractor is being blamed for that power outage that affected about twenty six thousand customers in San Francisco this morning most of their power has been restored a little more than a thousand are still in the dark twenty three states have sued to stop the trump administration from revoking California's authority to set emission standards for cars and trucks California Attorney General hobby year but Serra is leading the lawsuit filed today along with governor Gavin Newsom and the California air resources board the trump administration this week provoked California's authority to set its own auto emissions standards the state has had that power for decades under a waiver from the federal clean air act for automakers have said they would voluntarily follow California's standards the latest ban on E. cigarette sales is happening at Walmart Walmart says it will stop selling E. cigarettes as it at its namesake stores and at Sam's clubs following a string of illnesses and deaths related to vaping president trump is defending himself against a whistle blowers complaint that includes the president's private conversation he had with a foreign leader I don't know the identity of the whistle blower I just here's a partners in person meaning it comes.

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