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Toscano. We are going to Creighton sets stations with honor the interpreter for Iran's president Ruhani vowing defiance as the US reimposed harsh economic sanctions on his country at midnight secretary of state Mike Pompeo now responding to Iran's defiance regime has a choice. It can either do one hundred eighty degree turn from its course of action clicking mobile country or can see its economy. Crumble Democrats in Georgia are outraged after Republican governor candidate Brian camp accuses them without offering evidence trying to hack into the state's online voter database a secretary of state camp overseas the election in which he is running his democratic opponent for governor. Stacey Abrams says any problems with the voting system, our responsibility, and he's lying. He doesn't take accountability doesn't take responsibility. What he doesn't status? Find someone else to blame. He's consistently taken this action. And unfortunately, this time he did. It on national television through a statement that life it. It's complete utter fabrication. Steve Kastenbaum is reporting. A high profile trial begins today in Brooklyn, New York leaks. Scream security measures are for a man who's accused of being the head of a violent transnational drug cartel Joaquin Guzman, also known as El Chapo was extradited from Mexico last year where he escaped from prison twice. He's accused of ordering dozens of murders and smuggling more than two hundred tons of cocaine into the United States over the years once jurors are selected they'll be escorted to and from the courthouse by federal agents, Oklahoma oil and gas regulators have ordered the indefinite shutdown of a disposal. Well, this after an earthquake struck about twenty miles south west of Oklahoma City last night on Wall Street stock futures are narrowly mixed twenty eight minutes from the opening bell. The Dow is down the NASDAQ is down the SNP up just a bit. I'm Michael Toscano. This is a court ordered notice current and former Ford Lincoln and mercury owners or lessees can receive payments and other benefits from a.

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