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More restrictions on indoor dining and for la county outdoor dining but you got to have a massive government bailout for restaurants and. I hope you're going to have somebody from jody adams. Ken orange tony mawes. They've all been very joanne chang. They've all been very active in lobbying. The massachusetts state house for its own a restaurant relief. Bill there's a restaurants act That's been co-sponsored in congress and it has hundreds of votes it needs it. Needs hundreds more to pass. But it's been remarkably well adopted and that's what the new york times was advocating today. There has to be government relief to keep restaurants alive. Yeah we're talking about Nia grace who Bought douse corner bar and kitchen back restaurant in in boston. She's going to update us on what's going into rally vocal about the legislature has done nothing is legislature has done nothing about almost anything. I mean it's really pretty bad but anyway yeah that's right. It's a great point. Jared so i'm more upbeat note core. Become a food man. Why should we buy pies. And what is the do 'cause we should be buying them for community. Servings of course jamaica play the center of the universe. Okay so what is this every year the biggest fundraiser of community servings which delivers New very nutritious meals and at least sixteen. Different flavors in different varieties depending on illness medically tailored meals All over the state now. It's extended its range beyond the boston area to all over. The state has an immensely successful fundraiser year. In which you order pies you pick them up. Next tuesday not Not wednesday the day before thanksgiving and you you serve them to. According to the center for disease control only the people you are living way of the casinos although the those are the only people and if you were living by yourself you're going to have a great pie. You can freeze half of it and you can eat half of it by the end of thanksgiving weekend and what i was hearing on a community servings call last night was that Almost all almost all the many thousands of pies that they prepared for have been sold. So i think you have to go straight onto servings dot org to the website to see if you could still pick up a pie next tuesday but it. It's a great 'cause it's a great It's a great boston phenomenon. In general could work for them for years. Corby kummer. So congratulations to you. Congratulations to them. Very inspiring well. Thank you so much cory cummock. Thank you enjoy your thanksgiving pies that you will eat in splendid solitude or in blended family pods. Okay eat the whole pie in the. Just sit there with the pie. Borrow the julia child who is going to see a several pies. I could eat entire cream. I love cream pies. People think you're awful. They're not a community. Servings offering you make a special exception for you. Okay so okay corby have a good thanksgiving.

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