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Killing Iranian general Qassem Soleimani that received backlash from both the democratic and Republican congressman for NPR news I'm only Niemeyer in Murray Kentucky heavy rains have triggered flooding in a number of states including Mississippi Alabama and Kentucky this is a hundred year flood it is significant it is severe that's Kentucky governor Andy Bashir speaking yesterday I'm David Mattingly in Washington and on this Friday morning you are listening to KCRW I'm sherry Glaser good to happy here looks like a trouble spot right now is on the west on sixty freeway starting out in riverside westbound sixty eight main got a record tying up the car pool lane that is causing delays basically if you're headed over towards the two fifteen interchange big jump off I had into diamond bar one spend sixty to fifty seven that's where a car in a pickup collided there over to the right shoulder this point trying to get everything sorted out if you're near the airport just a heads up on that connector road from the south for a five to the west one oh five got a stall reported there could be making that transition kind of crowded that's on the south for all five to the west one oh five should be selling today after the morning burn off looking for highs in the sixties to about seventy you pretty much the same tomorrow warmer Sunday in presidents day with highs in the sixties to mid seventies support for NPR comes from NPR stations and from fidelity wealth management or advisors work with their clients to develop flexible investment strategies that can evolve as their needs change learn more at fidelity dot com slash wealth fidelity brokerage services L. L. C. and from I drive providing cloud backup full system back up and on site I drive appliance to protect PC's Max's servers from data loss due to crashes and ransomware and I drive dot com slash NPR it's five thirty five it's morning edition from NPR news I'm Rachel Martin and I'm no well king good morning the trump administration is keeping the pressure on Wall way the giant Chinese telecommunications equipment company the department of justice.

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