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To watch now we talked about linebacker we talk about corner backer earn the defensive backs deal wide receiver two degrees well i mean you know you know you which have michael thomas you know what you had a willie snead but who's that that fourth guy ted gin june is going to be the the three but who's gonna be that fourth day is going to be brennan calmer corey fuller tommy louis louis who was in that makes last year on this roster and active some weeks act of the other but who's that going to be until brain coast got traded you look at his why receiving corps you i woke their credibly deep then that trade happen use you brian teigen junior so you still got the same kind of element to your your offense in the passing game that brandin cooks gave you with the speed element condemned on a fuel getting vertical with hagan junior doing that as well and i know some people were a little sceptical about teigen junior let me just tell you from what i've seen in many can't practices and otas do could still run that's for sure he can flat out move i understand it you know you concerned when you talk about oversee rid that's over thirty run at saint they were running back and ap that's over thirty it's a bit alarming because you worry about when's the drop off coming your waiting for the shooter drop so to speak all the false door but i'll i'll via happens necessarily with with junior in particular because what they're going and ask him the do in his offense they're not going to throw him ninety balls are 80s and have eighty catches 85 catches v does and michael thomas got hurt or taken june just had a hackel year i don't see that playing out though fifty to sixty balls six seven eight hundred yards that range no a few explosive plays the game whether appears returner as receiver if you get that you.

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