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Hey what's up. Donna and cap here on seventeen. Espn and yes. Chad johnson did tweet. George sodano is really good at his job. Needs a much. Bigger platform. Like skipper stephen and pay to do that. I'll buy that by the way. Listen let me tell you something. I i will I'm all in on that shannon. Skip stephen a max i mean. Come on and put us on tv. Where hot were smart. were opinionated. Let's do it. Florida to see how quickly he like aligned himself to me when giordano. Yeah it was a he not a we no no. I'm going in with a we not he. You're writing with me like basically turtle if this were entourage. I don't wanna be your turtle. I'd rather be. No i don't wanna be. I wanna be vince. No no you're not vince. In this case closed case based on this tweet. Because chad. Johnson right is he a tv executive all of a sudden. I mean he might be. Oh i don't know. I don't know george. Let me just tell you one thing real quickly here okay. And that is this. I'm telling you that. Seventy five seconds ago. I was standing out front of my house and a person pulled up in her car and gave me a kovic test in my driveway. Literally stuck one of those q tip things showing up my house. Yeah that for like two. And she went deep man. I mean i could feel this thing hitting my brain. She went deep deep deep and she was like five four. I'm like come on lady three to boom. She finally pulled it out. Yeah just took one in driveway. Mobile co vid testing. How do you think how do you like that. that's great. Why would you take such a test. Was there something i should know about. Well i mean listen. It's going around when i say going around. How right but no but seriously like in the last couple of days and weeks. I mean it's all around me. You know and i got a lot of people around me that have had it and everybody who's been vaccinated. It's like yes. I've got a cold. I'm like i don't know if you've got a cold dude you're sniffling and you're coughing and maybe you have it in the last like i don't know like three or four days all of a sudden i got this little bit of a dry cough and i've been living the unmasked vaccinated life concerts and baseball games and around big crowds and all of a sudden. I started coughing a little bit. Better get a test so this lady literally pulled up to my house. Got out of her car. Put this like like plexiglas mask over her face. And then just stuck one of those needle straight up my nose and they say i mean not a needle bro. Don't scare. Oh sorry. Tim yeah cute. It hurts though a little bit. I mean you are for a guy who played football picker dude. I wasn't a real football player stealth to that point. That was physical. I mean yeah but toughness was not part of my game. You know what i mean. Don't touch me leave me alone. i'm over here. I need a clean uniform. I'm a jewish kicker. Please leave me alone. You sound a little easily. I do. I do now lender you. Didn't last wow. Wow wow i mean not wrong though you know you said i wanna clean your football man like what the hell he's talking about but this is. This is swab in the knows. This isn't football. We're talking about all right. Let's bring in lindsay because greg is on vacation because he's going camping as we talked about weeks ago. He's in we. We could get more details about that in a second. But lindsay's year. Lindsey doing double duty. Thank you lindsey for doing double duty. Also kaplan being a panzi right. Now you're welcome and definitely not trying to be mean. But i've had many kobe tests and they're like a like no. Don't look their slate. Nose tickle left to sneeze. Exactly i would say that by the time i realize that the thing is making me wanna sneeze in one nostril in nurse practitioner. Whoever is already into the other nostril and then by the time. I'm ready for to think about that. One it's over. yeah this was just the left nostril. Move right here by the lady today and of all the kovic both nostrils only left nostril. George only lie. I don't know she. She said which nostril are you. I said i'm left nostril. And so twix or something like those. Do both man. I mean she only said one one nostrils plenty and she's stuck this thing right up my nose my beak and unlike any other tests that i had this one actually what deeper deeper deeper i could feel it so yes. Maybe i'm being a little bit of a crybaby right now. I can accept that. Okay but just telling you man just telling you this thing was deep so okay. Be careful out there. Everybody no not yet. Not yet i will have. I'm told within the hour. I should have test results. No okay yeah live on air. I guess we'll find out. Yeah i mean this is. This could be a bags by the way considering you around me last week that yeah well. This is one of the big reasons why i had this test on because you know we were together last week at rams training camp we were and non meeting. Greg oh my god. Could you imagine if you gave it to greg. And he's about to go clamping he's been talking about this damn trip for months and you would ruin his trip all he would hate you like poison. Well he already does. Hate me like poisons more so but here's the thing i actually thought to myself. You know what there was a point. Where when sean mcveigh got done chatting with us. Everybody had a chance to kind of walk up to coach and shake hands. Hug it out a little bit. And i was like did make the second now. We gotta test that day so you so you didn't have it that day. So yeah. I feel alright. You didn't ask greg's vacation or well. But i remember. I had been at rams training camp the week before and so i did not have to have a test last wednesday like you did so now. You're screwed us up again trying to save you and i appreciate that very much i do but i was thinking to myself. Maybe coach mcvay gave it to me. No stop well. I mean listen. They've had cases. They had a coaching protocol. He was telling us that they were one of the. I think the offensive line coach i practice. Don't try to get started. Don't pass the buck on someone else. Dude i know but you know what's going to happen if i have a positive test and by the way here's my symptom so far. I have a very little cough. I have a slightly runny nose. And that's all i got. That's it so hopefully. Hopefully i have a negative test but if i have a positive test and god willing this is the worst of it. Then i can't do anything other than thank the vaccination you see what i'm saying because i'll tell you guys. I found a buddy of mine this weekend on facebook. Thirty five year old guy completely healthy guy and this weekend posted on facebook. He'd been in the hospital like three weeks. And i was like oh man and he was an anti vassar. You know and so. I'm hoping that i don't have it but if i do have it. Hopefully what i've got today is kind of the worst of it. Okay well hopefully you don't have it. Thank you sir. let's just. Let's just go with that one right. Hopefully you on the other hand. Don't have it either and hopefully according to chat ocho cinco you get a much bigger platform. Yeah and you don't have to come with me though right. I mean i'd be riding on your coattails. Clearly i mean literally were like like saying. We like whoa. We is one too many people. Listen listen. there's there's stephen. And max yeah there's there shannon and skip there's there's wilbon and kornheiser. All these shows are two people back in right right now. Listen i worked at stephen a for many years on radio.

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