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Slash curiosities to subscribe analysts in for free. Welcome to the cabinet of curiosities. On the dog. Cast the questions asked, movies, have women and are all their discussions boyfriends and husbands or do they have individualism patriarchy's FM vast start changing with the Becca del cash. Hello, and welcome to the Bechtel cast. My name is Caitlin. Toronto me Loftus and we host a podcast about the portrayal of women and movie. We sure do. I can't really see you. I know this is weird. There's one of Mike her. Here we go. This is better. Jamie missed you. So we talk about the representation of women in film and how it's usually bad. Yes, that's our Goto use the Bechtel test as a jumping off point for discussion test created by cartoonist Alison. Bechtel in the nineteen eighty s that features a the, hey, what what is it? Do you want me to say? Yeah, I forget. The Bechtel test requires that a movie, let's say, has to female identifying characters in it with names. Yes, they have to speak to each other and guess what they should not be talking about men. Can we? Can we test drive it right now, please? Yes. Hey, Caitlin. Hey, Jamie, what's up? There's something about the movie we're discussing today that I found very distracting. What is it? The bone structure of the lead actress was too. It was too, does. It pass the vital if I'm body shedding a hot woman's face. But I do like, okay, the main act who is even the main actress in this in this film we're discussing today because it looks like her bones were stung by bees. Her her, her cheekbones are so out of her face. I believe you're talking about the character Claire played by Emmanuel. I don't know what this last name is anyway, that did pass the did. But again, I don't know why we're judging a woman by her looks or even talking about it. That's, I mean, but her her bones did get stung by bees, and I wanted to raise awareness. Someone get help for Emmanuel built, get the bees away from her anyway. So usually we don't body shame women on the podcast. I was too I was doing that to prove that the Bechtel test is actually flawed. True while Jamie? Yeah, there is a method. It's not a perfect system. No mistakes are made, which is why we always have a larger conversation about just the treatment of women in general in the movie. So we are talking about mission impossible, and we have a guest here with us as always, yes, he is a comedian writer and host of the cracked podcast, Alex Schmidt. Hey, great to be here. Thanks for. I'm so glad to be doing this. I got to go back to the nineties by watching the movie. So what is your history with mission? Impossible, the movie, the franchise. I'm someone who grew up on a lot of JAMES BOND movies. My grandma worked at our local library and they had only very specific things on VHS and one of them was the entire JAMES BOND franchise saw all of them when I was really, really young, and then I just needed more movies along those lines. And so I got into the mission impossible franchise, oh, it's kind of I feel like it's kind of a filler placeholder for when you're out of JAMES BOND movies. You can watch Tom Cruise diet, JAMES BOND. JAMES BOND were American and way shorter. Welcome to mission impossible. And then I feel like when you're out of mission, impossible, movies, you're like, let's see what Jason Bourne is doing. And then when you're out of Jason Bourne you're like, 'cause Matt Damon's not even fun to watch. At least Tom Cruise is fun to watch. Yeah, and Tom Cruise and Matt, Damon are both way bigger stars than basically everyone who's played JAMES BOND except maybe Sean Connery, but like, right, it's just a much more interesting character somehow JAMES BOND, I feel like especially eastern hunt is. So he's like a robot also is new way, Ethan, I'm dislike. I dare like there. I'm only going to sympathize or feel for a character named Ethan to appoint. Just you got to be a really stellar Ethan for me. For me to go the extra mile for you. Can't have a super secret agent named braid. You know, I'm not. I'm like, I'm out immediately. Man..

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