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Version of reach talk. Enjoy. Okay, so here's the story, I promise. I'm gonna wrap all this up in a beautiful little package for you guys. In 1954 in 1953, a man named Roger Bannister ran the mile in under a minute. Here's why that matters. Until 1953 in the history of the world, we never had recorded evidence that a human being could run the mile in under a minute. People thought it wasn't possible. So Roger Bannister works on it, figures it out, runs a mile in under a minute. So from the beginning of time to 1953, no recorded documentation of anybody doing this. Within 6 months of Roger Bannister running the mile in under a minute, it was something like, well, does it have that information? 50 people, 60 people, 1000 people, a million. I don't remember the number. But basically, all these other people did it. Nobody believes something's possible until somebody proves that it's possible, like Alex honnold free soloing el cap or this guy seeing the other man climb 14 peaks and going, hey, maybe I could do it and maybe I could do it in less time. All of that to say, I love watching documentaries like this because it's so inspiring to see what humans are capable of. And it doesn't mean that you're going to run out and decide to climb a bunch of mountains, but it may just inspire you to do something that you don't currently believe that you can do. Watch these documentaries. I know you're going to love them. But here's something I learned watching 14 peaks. The inspiration, the beauty, the shots, the mountains, whatever. Did you know? That if you're climbing Everest, if at any point, you're all or climbing up the side of a snowy mountain and you can't keep going, they leave you to die. When you are in the mountains..

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