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That was such a great enduring moment And obviously I have after Magin you were over the moon. Our Jimmy Johnson. Getting the nod this year. Micheal Irvin talks about that on Thursday just how meaningful it was him visit. Does it feel like you know the the the book the book is closed. But you're all in the whole families in imagine you're so excited I am very careful as well deserved I think him it was an emotional moment. Because you know I think all of us as players when we play whether we we're we're looking for confirmation that we did I jog did The best we could and now the best we could but We achieved the things that we wanted to achieve. And so timmy. Coach of the Dallas Cowboys on back to Miami winning championships there and coach and players like trayvon myself and my living living on an Charles. Haley Larry Al and and being on a team with Dallas cowboys sitting in that many pro bowlers and hall of famers into the hall It had to be Warming and and not only surprising but exciting for them. And I'm so happy ethical guy he deserves it. That's great to hear and everybody again knows that all the town you guys had and obviously the current cowboys people believe we've You know have some similar levels of town obviously you guys are one of the greatest teams of all time and believe that this group can do something special and we haven't gotten there. I mean what what what did you. You seem to think is is the biggest reason. Why what what? What can the cowboys do to regain? what they haven't had in a long time they gotta developed a level of consistency to be good and to be great and you got to look more things we can and week out no matter who your phone it is and so you cannot just jump off and win three straight games then and go somewhere else and laying. Hey you know so you gotta learn how to deal with the success that you're having and manage that accordingly the and prepare yourself for four teams. That might not be as talented as your T- might be and and and perform at a level Best best best commanded of every week. Because when you'RE GONNA Dallas cowboys everybody's Ghani for that star and so if you get caught off guard you find I just stuff in a downward spiral and so and You know I think I can't always sus- sustained some injuries last year that hurt us but every. NFL team sustained injuries. The question engineers. Can you hold it together long enough to get you guys back. That's well said So Emmett a you know you're really really really busy guy. You got all sorts of things on all this And I can't imagine whenever you find time to sleep but I know that sometimes you sleep you you know. Put yourself you get posted up at a nice Marianne von. What do you got going on Mary? Yum working when Marietta Boeing and Mussa Program Creating these experiences for all of their members in order to be to have some of these experiences that Mary out to create and you you have to be a Mary up on or and so forth a membership on the members. Get a chance to Go to master classes that I've taught taught to masterclasses. This is one. Is You gotta go one in Santa Clara and They the Mary numbers have spent their course to come to those masterclasses and I have had a number of people people men and women come to my master class to go to combine experience Mario's is creating these very unique experiences. What the NFL? Before hundred experiences and you get a chance to utilize Mary Properties over thirty different properties With these points that you're accumulating throughout the course a year This week in They have going to have some guests stand inside of the state In a in a Marriott courtyard has been transplant transformed into a courtyard. And so these members that Afford enough to win trip. This weekend was staying the state income Saturday night. Wake up on Sunday morning in this stadium have preference and and they might have a guy like myself and many others come by his spend more than one thousand so these are the experiences that last people lifetime. That's really really awesome to here in. Hopefully these people are ready for the surprise of a lifetime in the greatest trip of all time and seeing the Super Bowl and getting you guys to come hang out of them put them through drills and whatnot Emmett Smith. Thank you so much for taking the time. Have a great rest of your trip in Miami Florida talking to good. Thank you.

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