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King of Beef from ABC News. I'm Richard Can't do a grand jury indicted white former Columbus, Ohio police officer Adam Coy on murder and other charges in December's killing of unarmed black man Andre Hill. Police body Cam Imagery shows Hill emerging from a garage after midnight three days before Christmas, holding up a cell phone in his left hand, seconds before Coy's shot him dead Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. I believe The evidence in this case supports the indictment and my office will vigorously prosecute this case. Boy had a long history of complaints from citizens before he killed Hill, House Republicans voted to keep Wyoming's Lynne Cheney is their number three leader Trump supporting members wanted her out. After she voted to impeach the former president of second time, she's likely to face a primary challenge in two years. Reed Galen, his co founder of the Lincoln Project, comprised of Trump opposing Republicans, if you are Liz Cheney, And you're a Cheney in Wyoming bring on the primary challenger. She could she lose? Absolutely. She could lose its Wyoming. But Liz Cheney's a formidable player, part of a formidable, formidable American political dynasty. He was not going to go down without a fight. The U. S. Had a milestone on the covert vaccination effort as the U. S covered 19 vaccination rollout has been criticized for a number of reasons, including being behind schedule. The U. S has now vaccinated more people than there are confirmed cases of covert 19. A number of people who have received the first dose of a covert vaccine now totals at least 26.4 million. That's compared to the number of reported covert cases in the US at 26.2 Million. ABC.

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