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Barry was once again in behind. Everyone, and that's what the referee is saying is kind of the problem. Look like a good run from where we sit. But, you know We're not paid to make those kind of decisions. Well played back to Sean Melvin. Here for the switchbacks. He'll send it downfield headed straight in the air for Roscoe. Evan Saucedo, who pass it to the middle for real monarchs. Sam Brown to the near side. Alex Johnson. And now a bomb. Played out by the switch. Facts is Johnson couldn't find his intended target will be a throw in coming here for Francisco Martinez. League. Johnson plays it to the top of the 18 Yard box taken away by Stephen Echeverria. Now Beverly mocking Gil over to Andre Lewis. Switchbacks give possession 80th minute leading to nil. Well, we'll go back to Sean Melvin. Jose Torres. Back to Melvin. Melvin will send this one deep downfield Far side header was won by Saucedo. He does that quite a bit. And now the ball rolling towards the end line. Sean Melvin is there will stop it with the foot wait for a little bit of pressure and then pick that one up. Which backs looking to perhaps make another change. It looks like Leave. They will do that here momentarily looks like a double change. Hundley and End of the show. Jordan Bert also getting ready to check in I'm saying out of play by Sean Melvin here in the 81st minute. Al Monarchs will throw this one in from the far side. Now here's a shot. That one was blocked out front came off the foot of Max Monitor. Which facts able to get it on the far sideline. Now, Michael Edwards. In the middle for Jimmy offer plays it out. Why did the shame back bird back furred on second effort couldn't quite get to it. You can buy Martinez. Leg. Switchbacks rip it right back, Beverly marking you, little with it. EV goes back to Sean Melvin. Melvin sends it to the near side out of play, and they throw in here. For Real monarchs, s L. C. Our L. Monarchs dribbling towards the box all played out to Johnson. We'll try to send back in and ends up. Sending it out of play. Instead, Goal kick coming up. For Colorado Springs, and here come the changes Jordan. Bert will make his way in. And how about Matt Hyung Lee? Making His way into the contest. Or Matt Huntley. This will be his season debut. And Jordan Burke going straight up to center forward like for like change to replace Haji Barry. Love to see that from a young man from Elkhart, Indiana. Only all tucked in just behind and look to support Jordan Bird every chance he gets. So, Jordan Burt, you're.

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