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The good news is denise has found immunity idol news is Ben because then is a wild card so in that conversation that we got the denise says we should give maybe half the poverty. How do you feel? I think that's terrible. Okay what a drop. So going back to the idea of could with denise trying some sort of like double reverse psychology on Adam. This is something that has come up from a few of the listeners. Did Denise really think it was a good idea to give the ISLETA poverty? I do think the niece thought it was a really good idea. And that Adam Dr. Out of it. Yeah that was the impression I got that you know. Apparently I think I've heard that Poverty and denise did have some sort of relationship on the tribe at this point and that she probably felt like this was a great way of drawing poverty in now remember when she found the idol with Ben. Ben said. Don't give it to me. Use it to pull somebody else in like use it as a tool to pull somebody in and so. I think that she probably felt like I already have Adam. Why don't I use this on somebody who I have connection with? But maybe not. I'm not super solid with so I can pull them in and thinking along those lines. She thought about poverty at which point Adam was like no. That's yeah I think one of the more interesting confessionals of the episode was denise after she found the idol with Ben where she said she actually trust Ben more than than she would have if ben asked for half the idol since we got that confessional about her thoughts with the idol relating to one player. And then I think we would have got the confessional about Adam if she was trying to use double double reverse psychology on him to try to gauge his reaction to giving it to poverty so. I think we would have heard that from denise if that were the case I think the nieces of very good survivor player. I think she's a very good winner. But good winners are and good players. Sometimes make mistakes and I think this would have been a mistake that she she would have made but luckily as seemed to be a pretty good team I think to people who could bounce ideas off of each other and this is what happens when you have strong. Lions people are able to talk you down for making bad moves okay and Taryn one of the things that I really liked that you were talking about on Thursday was that you felt like that Ben. In the way that he was describing the old school alliance had the feel of somebody who was a conspiracy theorist who might have learned that his theories actually were right that he was I went to go. See The sonic the hedgehog movie and I think they had a guy who was a crazy. Carl I forget who it was but that you you like the idea that nobody's believing Ben. Well I mean. I haven't seen the sonic movie yet. But Yeah my sort of theory on. This would be like if that guy. I don't know if this is his character but if he saw sonic but by the time he pointed sonic out no everybody looked and he wasn't there anymore because he's so fast and so then he'd be like no they're seriously. There's a blue hedgehog and it'd be like you're crazy. Why are you being so crazy? Crazy Pete or whoever and and he would be like no seriously and there it is again. That's right there. And then they look and it's gone again. That was ben hearing about the old school lions from Danny and then from views like you just said it old school that was that was it that was. I'm telling you this is the thing like what are you talking about? Ben. I don't think you know what you're saying. No crazy carl crazy. Carl is character in the sonic the hedgehog movie okay. So after. That was very fun. Also okay we also I I know you have the legend ranking poll of the of the legendary wins. We have our own R. J. P. R. H. A. Pollster twitter account going asking some questions of the listeners. After each episode we did pull the audience who is playing the best game so far and I thought it was a interesting that we had such a runaway forty percent of the audience the people who took the survey said one person Jordan. You have any idea who it is. My guess is just based on the fact that to me. It's between two people. They're both in the lions together but Sophie is now the one who has half of an idol and I think we did see a lot more of her this week than we saw. You'll it's at least one account came to strategy and not breadfruit. I'M GONNA say. Most people said Sophie selfie forty percent forty percent of the audience of polled said Sofi Twenty one percent. You'll and then Ataman Boston Rob Ten percent we asked the audience which cops are us. Three Point Zero outcome is most likely Sarah Betrays Tony. Tony Betrays Sarah or neither Tony nor Sarah turn to each other or turn on each other. Taryn what do you think is the most likely outcome predicted by the audience? It has to be Tony betrays there. I mean they the whole portrayal of them coming back together. Cops ARE US was like. Hey remember the time. I betrayed you in the salon. Sarah's like Oh yeah but hopefully. That's not going to happen this time because I know who you are right. And he was like totally and she's like well as long as it stays secret. We're going to be fine and it really felt to me like they're setting up. Tony Outing the Alliance and somehow getting Sarah voted out or maybe even actively betraying her so the audience who voted forty four percent said was most likely Sarah Betrays Tony at some Paul. I I don't know just this whole thing. Cops ARE US three point zero. Karen. Just how creatively bankrupt is. Hollywood to have another sequel. Cops ARE US three point. Oh can we come up with something? Original Look Rob. This has been going on for a the buddy cop. Two movies have been very popular throughout cinema cinematic history. And you know when when Tony is a lead character. You can't go wrong you just use throw as many titles. Adam as you can. Maybe they locked into a contract inserters milking what's a worse idea cops three point. Oh or bad boys for life well. I'm liking cops arrest report if it means that tone is able to get farther in the game then he would without Sarah. I like it I would say. That's the better idea than bad boys for life. How many that This is the third one I two. So who's who who's Who's Martin Lawrence? And who's Will Smith you think I've seen that voice for an ordinary. I mean I like will Smith better than in Lawrence. Tony's vote Smith. Okay all right if you say that Tony based on a little bit that I know of the bad boys franchise. I think that Tony is more of the Martin Lawrence. I know nothing about this franchise. I'm just going by which ones I think is is a better actor. Yeah I think it will. Smith is more of the By the book bad boy and then Tony is more of the Off-the-wall wild man Martin Lawrence. Yeah so this is like the the llamas strikes back. Yeah I think Sarah sort of like the straight cop in Tony's the bad cop crazy he's on probation. She's the probation officer. I think they're both police officers But maybe he's on the brink of being fired like the chief of Police. F- Lachey in my office. Now Oh my God I had no idea you know. I don't play by the rule book. I you time after time. You keep this guy on a short leash or you all. Have you guys work in the Jaywalking Crosswalk? Oh my God. Please give us one more chance and that ladder I saw was a violation of every safety protocol that we have on the fourth had the handover the construction worker permit amazing that. No one stole Tony's tools when he was making his ladder. Because that's apparently what happens when you have tools you turn around and it's gone. Yeah that's one of the issues. Okay all right. Oh One last Tony Question that we survey the listeners. Will Tony's ladder be the craziest? Tony Moment of the season Taryn. What do you think that the audience said? Tony's ladders that going to be the craziest Tony moment of the season. How what part if you have a sense of. What percentage of the audience thought that? Maybe that was going to be the craziest Tony. Moment of the season. Like less than ten percents seven percents. That would be the craziest Tony Moment of the season. All right I feel I feel good now. Yeah we're not going to be emboldened by the fact that he did not die houses Gal Alive. He's going to be emboldened by the fact that he didn't die in the ladder. We see him in the previous for next week holding a shark running around with the sharks so that could potentially end up being crazier and then the fact that he has already eclipsed the the amount of time that he was in survivor. Game Changers I think you really feels like the longer he's in. The game is kind of like the Costanza where you just The longer that he's there the long that he can make an impression with people he stays with people that are going to like him more and more and he's going to be able to get crazier and crazier to the point. Where he's making spy shots and spy bunkers again and talking Lama. I think we're GONNA get full full on Tony. Amer giving it more and more as the episode episode role on not to mention who could even imagine what he's capable on of on the edge of extinction. I think I think we need to be worried for Tony's health. I think that the pattern here is that what we saw from. Tony and his original game is that he did whatever wanted strategically and he never got punished for it. You never got voted out. And he won the game so then he came back to game changer and he can do whatever I want. And we saw the tragic results and now the same thing is happening but with his physical safety. He's making ladders and he's climbing and he's like Hey. I don't have to invoke the latter clause in my contract and so I think he feels like he can do anything. And you won't be punished for it. You won't die. Tyson with the ladder clauses At some point. Okay all right. I anything else that you wanted before we start to get into social media this week Taryn I just Check out the PODCAST. It's a fun all right. Well we got a lot to do here. You don't have to go get until plugs yet now. Look you asked me for a thing. Okay all right all right. So let's go ahead and get into everything on a busy week over on the survivor. Social Media. Let's bring in the Great Jacob..

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