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The the film's producer graham king who i sat with and talked with about a script that mean gumbo wrote he doesn't think any shift anybody so it surprises me that graham king is eating all this shit now and he said you know bryan singer is the credited director of the film he had some personal issues he wanted to deal with what he had to deal with and the movie to finish show it came down to this it's not about reinventing the wheel we need someone who has creative freedom but works out of you know brian's director and this fucking singer denied any wrong doing he claimed that the studio refused to allow them to tend to gravely ill parent and he also said they wouldn't let them get to his own health which is bullshit i don't know how much even following my bryan singer stories but the guys one of those dudes fide underage guys a longtime scott the pool party role everybody's dick's out there all naked they die the pool read there's all sorts of pitchers on google he's a fucking pig what percentage opinion did singer direct that and the nut guys at the rest of the last sixteen day the last sixteen days they gave it to the other gal yeah eighty eighty percent maybe bid lingering say sixty maybe sixty seventy oh wow okay he said you know singer said i wanted nothing one than to finish the project and hope to honor the legacy of freddie mercury and queen but but fox when let me let me finish that i put my health in front of my desire he's just he's full shit you know the guy kept this appearing to get rocks off he had instances where he threw things that romney malik mister robot the actor who's playing freddie mercury i don't know if you saw the commercials or the trailer for the for the for the movie have you seen them yeah yeah yeah okay all but i didn't know who was the recognition at the well pro i'm excited because i think all i'm gonna like about it is the music i mean when you hear that the trailer like nine songs of queen and you go my god's gonna be great but when you look at romney malik was.

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