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Recall the signing of the contract for your title shot at hulk hogan in wrestlemainia three. You said you taught holding a lot but still one more or less than to give him in the final chapter. And i'm big title match at the silverdome in pontiac. Twenty nine you wanna talk to somebody you talk to me. He's going to all his talking in the ring. You talk to me. You wanna talk about the final chapter. I'll be glad to talk about the final chapter the final chapter and the life and history and the career of kogan hogan. I know it you know everybody knows it. Yeah three years. You can't laugh at that. You're lucky it makes the money you got a cartoon. He got stalled erode wrote good. You had a good you know. You can't beat this man toughest man in the world. Nobody can beat this man. You think with all that blonde haired little out there behind you you shaking your python. You think you can beat him diving leads. It can't be done by. You can guys like you part one hundred people you. This is the next heavyweight champion of the world. Get ready to swallow hogan it's all andre. What about that that. Unless you don't understand. I mean. I do the if you don't file. Maybe i will conduct. And how do you like that all.

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