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When Cuomo called marijuana a gateway drug just last year. Exactly. In writing. But Kruger says they're on the same page on a lot of things including the need for a social Justice aspect. The record of young people caught up in the criminal Justice system. Fairly New Jersey may still beat New York to the punch though, there's still hope that illegal ization Bill in trend can get a vote before the end of the year. Steve burns, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty an accused gang member is now in federal lockup without bail after Saturday's shooting in Canarsie Brooklyn in which a bullet hit an FBI agent. Thirty one year old rahmael Watson charged Monday with attempted murder. After the FBI says he walked up to the agents car on a one way street and started shooting wants to drive once the agent drove off see that agent stopped got out once he got shot and then shot back hitting Watson in the hand. Brooklyn man was later caught and the FBI charge. A woman who lives with Watson saying she lied to agents about the shooting is four zero six, you know, if you want to fix a problem need helps to know it presumably the reasoning behind the MTA's latest tour trends. Had Andy Byford says members of an expert speed team have driven a subway car. Every edge of the New York City system examining how the trains can operate faster. Its members have discovered hundreds of miscalculated signals on necessarily slowing things down transit vice president Sally libra that team has also been looking at where in the system we have posted speed limits that could be increased again safely today. They've identified thirty four locations, and those thirty four locations have already been approved that it improved through our safety and engineering review. So this last weekend we installed sign at the first of five of the first five locations of those thirty four locations on the fourth avenue line near thirty sixth street and fifty ninth street, for instance, in some cases, speed limits have been increased from fifteen to thirty miles per hour, and the Brera promises straphangers will feel the difference at MTA headquarters at to Broadway, rich, lamb WCBS. News Radio eight eight or check traffic and weather together in a minute, including the overnight construction projects or affecting traffic flow. It is four zero seven maybe, you know,.

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