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This is christopher newport university i go missing and they to this day still haven't been found to actually april tenth nineteen april two thousand eighteen now coming up we'll mark the thirtieth anniversary of their disappearance so they're never fouls so i assumption to say that the i'm gone but how they die we're not certain the car cases riding is found abandoned on the colonial parkway just a couple of miles away remarkably similar spot we're sister kathy douse car with sound so he's sound with articles of clothing inside but we're not sure how they got and then you lose to the fourth murder which is over labor day weekend making eighty nine in said daniel lower disappear off i sixty four which is a pretty major highway down richmond down towards virginia beach and that way they stopped at eastbound rest area and then they go missing oddly diego's car is found on the opposite side of the highway on other side sixty four there's a mirror image restaurant in cars sound going west downs if they were driving back in his rector travel they were headed to virginia beach yet in cars they were driving back up to amelia county virginia where they had started out and they will found six weeks later which nothing to get up sober nineteen eighty nine and they're found under an electric blanket which had been in daniel car and hundred find them in six weeks very very wet fall bodies are really badly decomposed and they actually have difficult time determining cause of death although alternately the vote for this this only in washington predictable exaggeration the natives firm that they found a knife marks on the bones so now now we're back to being probably he'll by knife so this this part what are you looking for for double homicide the sequence if it does vary the person people the experts tell me what they think happens is that he usually done to establish control over.

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