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And one point five million farmers, ranchers and producers go to work every morning. So should the government urge my colleagues to support this Bill, and I yield back the balance of my time gentlewoman reserves, the gentlewoman from Texas. Recognize a yield two minutes to the gentlewoman from North Carolina's is FOX the gentlewoman from North Carolina is recognized for two minutes. Thank you. Madam speaker? Thank my colleague from Texas for yielding. I rise today in opposition to HR Twenty-one, the consolidated appropriations act of thousand nineteen this Bill would allow taxpayers to fund abortions in foreign countries. HR Twenty-one would repeal president Donald Trump's protecting life in global health assistance policy this important policy, formerly known as the Mexico City policy protects American taxpayers, and prohibits US international assistance from going to foreign NGOs that promote or perform abortions, Representative Virginia Foxx Republican of North Carolina. It is critical that America's foreign policy reflect the values of the American people a twenty seventeen mayors poke clearly reveal that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose using their heart. Hard earned tax dollars to support abortions and other countries. American taxpayers should not be expected to pay for something. They strongly oppose the protecting lives in global health assistance policy is not anti global health, nor is it anti family planning. It does not reduce funding available for international health assistance, and leaves the choice up to the individual NGOs of whether or not they wish to be eligible for federal grant money abortion should never be considered a necessary part of economic growth and organizations that believe it should not be the type of organizations that the United States partners with abortion is wrong. We do not allow taxpayer money to be spent on abortions within the United States, and we certainly should not fund it in other countries are urge my colleagues to oppose this Bill and with that. I yield back. The general eighty reserves the general the gentlewoman from New York is recognized Madam speaker. I yield four minutes to the gentleman from Illinois, the distinguished chairman designated for financial services subcommittee. Mr. Quigley, the gentlemen from Illinois is nice for four minutes. Thank you, man speaker. And I think the chairman of the appropriations committee. I'm reminding myself after listening to my colleagues really how we got here. Yes. This is Senate Bill the Senate had a bi-cameral bipartisan approach to this. They were told they could go home for a reason. And apparently, the president saw something you didn't like on TV. And so here we are. And what do we have to show for it? Eight hundred thousand federal employees left wondering where their.

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