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Yeah. An example of that is the top ten ratings again. There are there. Only three drivers got more than about a dozen most people got single figure ten now. Tenzin imagine logical country to popular opinion is difficult to get hurt. You know in the last ten years where thirty one alone has got twenty four. And normally you get more points of view in front of the great in the sense of your in champs, you, blah, blah, blah. So that's that's that's twin twenty four ten hour. Tens in the law them on wins. And it gives you an idea of just how many of the word to go through the night. I did have a long long shot list, the normal and that signed something because they usually pretty pretty long. That come to your your you've you've both been so many of lonzo's rices. There are there are so many. I mean, even with minority in see among Japanese Grand Prix. Excel. Indianapolis, equal turning really outstanding performances. The nobody nobody noticed that. There's so many of them as races where he's been where he's chasing in a car wasn't quite but he cut the car closer to the front the knee. He should've done could twenty ten guesses. One one example of that one right below dominant with Alain Weber Egypt's how normal to two thousand fourteen Hungarian grown pre. He came pretty close to winning Ricardo in the navy end. But the fact that you could argue that good Alonzo tunnel caving behind for that last couple apps. Maybe. Those those performance of hunted for free color was was Dr there's lots of these races the races. There is finished. I we shouldn't have done. There's other ISIS where he's finished third when he shouldn't finish fifth or finish when he should finish ten twenty Dhabi going previous light that last race is I rated, and I think I gave him a ten ten. He beat Philippi masses Williams eighth or ninth or someone lower points paying position. But again example of a race a battle that he won that he shouldn't have done really not that Williams was better than the McLaren Honda on that kind of track very engine sensitive track. Must have much more power. But Lonzo manage to find a way to to be. That's that's the thing about those needs so many races where he finds a way to achieve something that of course, it's possible. But so unlikely in the circumstances, it's just it just reflects what he is. He's a driver who consistent you manage to get the best one. I think one of the good things about the fats. He spent an unusually large amount of time in poor cars, and it has been frustrating at times, but you have seen some some great performances in very unpromising situations in the material and we saw in twenty eighteen as well just what he's capable of doing. And when when he's on some he's able to just just drag up performance that will actually stand the more. That was timing gets that incentive. We talk about legacy subjects, for example. Let's take another two-time champion at a very long post temperature. Emerson Fittipaldi now he had a few races when he's drawing Fittipaldi team races. Where diesel valuables and really pushing. It wasn't very promising. The call Bloomberg good. Whereas. Lonzo more often able to police performances out in in more limited machinery inside probably say, actually, you know, that that that's a great, positively do that the soil. That's and that's why I'm looking forward team and all the other calls, even if we don't say in back in informal, actually, his one one phone a question to both of you. And so what would you like to see him in? If he because he hasn't announced four two in nineteen program as didn't think about saving anything Frank. Well, yeah. Well, suggestions wish I nine one seven historic historic. Yes. Rec- called Simpson. Classic t the revival. I remember watching him. He demotes a fifty one for all rhythm five. I grand prix winner. Silverstone? I think he might have driven Bahrain one year as well. And you can see slowly Macau around really spectacular. You know, sometimes you see drivers getting calls about vintage and they so poodle round. But he was he was loving it. And just spectacular brilliant to say. So I think they call that. Because. He be in competition. I think it'd be great anything. But honestly, I prefer to see mak- unexpected to roic midseason comeback in Formula one it can ignore. We talked about only.

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