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Act of offering insurance copter thanks Kristin I'm Laurie grantee WBZ's traffic on the threes technology sponsors the four day WBZ accu weather forecast meteorologist dean divorce here good morning Jean good morning glad everybody's start talking to me I just Carl's Stevens are are great a friend and colleague just gave us a moment of Zen from Swansea get this morning it's a beautiful sunrise brewing but it's gonna be a chilly day temperatures up within a few degrees of fifty I think we'll go clouds and some sunshine at times down into the thirty to thirty five degree range so cold tonight or early Sunday Mar giving way to clouds windy mid fifties in the afternoon and there could be some heavy showers and maybe a gusty thunderstorm could be a little hail and that's a high getting up to fifty six as I said coldest day of the week's gonna be Wednesday Jeff upper forties with sunshine and then Sunday clouds back up in the low to mid fifties some rain Thursday night to Friday given a line this weekend some chilly rain maybe some white stuff well to our north will keep an eye on that as we get closer to the weekend on WBZ Boston news radio if you've ever had water in your basement it's likely to happen again to dry basement is so important to a healthy home basement technology standing by ready to help today at one eight hundred busy dog keep moisture out and your basement dry for good call one eight hundred busy dog today cloudy skies forty nine degrees right now in Boston decisions fast funding apply in minutes at Cambridge savings dot com slash small business lending right six twenty six a look at New England business this morning cost efficiencies are taking a backseat at State Street during the covert nineteen pandemic a Boston fan at the Boston financial services company says it will not be laying anyone off during the crisis the globe reports just right recent work to trim thousands of jobs officials say even while working from home State Street has seen a twenty five percent increase in net income for the first quarter well another Monday let's get through this week together that is the spirit files on this patriot's day and just fifty degrees for a high temperature forty eight right now in Boston speaking compatriots they will roll out some new uniforms later today after two seasons in the national spotlight as concern grows we are the new hot spot for October nineteen I'll break and a ban on evictions a signature away at the state house those stories and more coming up it's six twenty seven in uncertain times you can be certain of this the salvation army is serving those most in need with help and hope thanks to your donations the salvation army is helping those affected.

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