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This story has not been reported at all palm beach post is where you can find it jupiter teen stabbed boys women at sleepover because of religious beliefs this is march thirteenth two thousand eighteen tell me you've heard the story producer brian baker no anyone no a jupiter teenagers said his faith led him to fatally stabbed a boy and his thirteenth birthday and injured two others that asleep over sunday night in palm beach gardens cory johnson seventeen was arrested after he reportedly confessed to the stabbing stabbing the three people while he spent the night at a friend's home i by the way i buried the lead a jupiter jupiter teenagers said his muslim faith let him to fatally stabbed a boy and his thirteenth birthday johnson who the police said recently withdrew from high school told authorities he woke up at four am monday at his friend kyle's place he decided to kill kyle his mother i should say elaine simpson kyle's brother who's thirteen and a friend of danes while they slept dane had reportedly made fun of johnson's islamic faith referring to celebrities as gods johnson said that upset him because it's contrary to these lama faith to idolize others as a god and he turned to the muslim holy book quote to give him courage to carry out his intentions i know one has decried knife violence secondly no one is talking.

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