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Subaru loves to help is just one part of the Subaru. Love Promise. And it's one more reason that Subaru is more than just a car company. Sometimes these days alongs and Yoga class just isn't in the cards. But maybe a cookie is pepperidge. Farm Milano believes. You should make some time for yourself once in a while my idea of me. Time is a little bit different since I had the second baby instead of a yoga class. I may be doing yoga. Pose just one downward dog at a time when I do have time for I can eat a cookie a whole cookie and eating that cookie feels like the best little piece of me time. There is these days Milano. Cookies are the perfect. Treat to savor during me time. They have just the right amount of cookie and luxuriously rich chocolate. They're the type of treat that you don't WanNa share not even with your kids or your husband so remember save something for yourself with Pepperidge Farm Milano. How's everybody feeling started asking that instead of asking? How are you doing just feels a little more honest? I'm feeling okay. Sometimes I feel really bad and anxious and terrible and other times I feel fine changes constantly but like a lot of you. I'm hungry for things to listen to bring me a little bit of hope. That's why we decided to drop some old episodes on your feet way back in season one. We interviewed the bestselling novelist. Ms Robin her husband. Mike we talked to them about following their dream and launching an independent bookstore called boxer magic. It's just a nice listen right now as a reminder that we can and will create beautiful things out of our dreams again soon. Emma's new book. All adults here was just released into the world last week. And it's also a great reed really a perfect story for quarantine about the real messy neces- family life something. I think we can all relate to right now. So here's how men Mike's original episode in case you missed it or want to listen to the shop around the corner. Bet Me she was going to break out with me in three months. I think I said six. I'll take that bet and here. We are sixteen years here. They are Emma and Mike. Sixteen years two kids and a bookstore later. Yeah a bookstore. That's what this story is about. Every couple I know has their career escape fantasy. I have friends who daydream about buying a goat farm. Even though they've never touched a goat seriously I think maybe they've eaten goat's cheese. Once and goat farms look pretty on instagram. But the selling novelist Emma Straub and her husband. Mike they're the one couple. I know who actually did it. Who had this couple's career fantasy and they made it happen with no experience at all. They opened one of the most successful bookstores. In New York City. The way they describe it opening a bookstore was having third baby. It's changed who they are as individuals and completely redefined their marriage and they love it. They really really love it. I'm pizza. This is committed.

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