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Walled action. Welcome to over thinking it where we subject the popular culture to a level of scrutiny. It probably doesn't deserve the over thinkers, like your smart funny friends from the internet. We're like we're like classmates aren't we at a special school for for nerds? So nerdy. That it's almost like magic. I'm Matt rather? I am here with my classmates. Peter fenzl. Hello, pete. Hey, matt. And Mark Lee. Hey, mark. Hey, it's good to be back absence. It's good to have you back back here on the podcast. Right. This week on the show the crimes of Grindelwald, which is the latest entry in the fantastic beasts series, which is the latest series in the wizard. Ing world franchise, which is apparently a thing. And that is the latest franchise in Harry Potter. So. You know, they're they're trying to figure out how to make Star Wars movies without Star Wars, and they're trying to figure out how to make Harry Potter movies without Terry Potter, and it's all being conned into I guess this wizard. Ing world. Kind of label, you know, this free franchise name to which I have to say to the good people at Werner brothers. Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's just I don't know feels feels a little forced anyway there were advertisements for other franchises before the before the movie trailers for the new Jason momoa franchise, which is all about a underwater king. Which is I think the whole DC cinematic universe is actually the Jason momoa, cinematic universe at this point. This is just this is all the Jason momoa, cinematic universe world just living in basically when it comes down to there's there's a good point. I actually I feel like we could do a fun thing of just like cataloging the franchises. You know, the MC you Star Wars. Conjuring the conjuring universes. Big don't forget about that. Even though we haven't watched any of them, so monotheism, you know. I mean that stop that's some serious boxoffice Bob there. All right. So the the let's let's go into the crimes of Grindelwald only to to stop and say the overthinking at gift guide has dropped. It didn't drop on black Friday this year. But it's coming out at the same time as this episode and the biggest thing in the gift guide this year will no it's not it's not the biggest thing. I think the biggest thing is giant tarantulas Rex costume. That is the physically largest item that we recommend in the overthinking it gift guide for twenty eight. But the thing that I would like to make sure you know about is. The overthinking our streamlined over thinking it membership. We hope that you pick one of these up for the holidays now when a couple years ago, we introduced the overthinking it memberships surprise surprise. We over thought it we created a a Byzantine set of tears and rewards that just proved unwieldy hard to understand and difficult to support. So here's the new deal guys. We're transitioning all over thinking it memberships before the end of twenty eighteen to five bucks a month. And you get extra podcasts. How's that for a very simple value proposition? Five bucks a month, and you get more audio content. Now, there's all kinds of audio content. You get the occasional question of the week, which is like a whole separate segment of the podcast that we record. You get the peace cast, which is a periodic examination of some topic by Pete Fenzl solo. It's like a main lining Pete Fenzl. There are there are other things that we've done including series for different TV shows, including. The the book club on nineteen Eighty-four and all of the overviews the old the old bible. Downloadable movie contra commentaries are available to members to get that to get that library all of those extra audio things..

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