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I think was well i had a jazz wing hired me to write a pilot script and i think that was 75 grants and what years us 1998 i thank which was a lot of money yes 100 factor in that same year i got hired to rights by versus spy right after that and it was for significantly more money so those are my first two big paychecks and and i think i just i mean and for whatever reason i did it i think it first with the specials i didn't think that they would let me directed and as we started going down that road suddenly it became apparent to me that they would let me directed by that time there were other things they're like i don't know if i want to direct this now part of it and i think part of it was you know we had already hired a director in the you know so i may be also do you think this part of that where you're like i'm growing as a writer i'm getting better and better at writing screenplays and may be the one that i end the directing is going to be better did you think anything like that or union we weren't worried about that yeah i might have been a little afraid if i was able to do it yet or not i might have been a little afraid of how well i was going to be able to do i don't think it was a matter of finding a better screenplay but i think he could have been had a little bit to do with how much confidence i had in my own abilities rife that you fight with that a lot when we moved at the hollywood in terms of like now you get this managing negga this agent egg you're starting to get work now you're me all these famous people when you're getting involved did you ever doubt yourself with are times where you're like in my good enough to be here uh there are those moments reelect kyw fuck can do this are how when it again a catch hamad unruly not as good as they think i am the ever have the sauce 'cause i've heard i've had those thoughts i hear other people talked about that in charities that sort of either make fear your tailwind or your.

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