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Thank you for watching or listening to this free pond castle the young turks we want to make sure that you get some portion of the show every day but if you want a full show we sexy five segments come become a member and support independent media as well tui t network dot com slash join me while enjoy the free podcast products prime back on the answers lots of stories today soil do tweets and the next segment let's just go right over here and tell you about summing slightly positive okay so a tragedy shooting in part of a florida seventeen people dead now uh people reacting and fighting back and uh the people that are leading the charge in this case kids students including a demonstration out for white house today let me through some of the pictures uh exactly seventeen dc students lie down in front of the white house today uh obviously to protest their lack of uh any action in protecting the kids and doing any type of gun control and uh and there there are asking there the white house figure action i hope they do and one of the reasons they said that they were doing it is because they said look uh there's been basically one a school shooting uh every other day uh in the year 2018 we don't know it literally could be us tomorrow as powerful aren't now some of the students um that were in the last shooting in florida have spoken out and are continuing to speak out also saying we must take action let's go to sudan cameron caskey first prime message for the people in office is you're either with us or against us we are losing our lives while the adults are playing around and we have received endless support from your generation and we thank everybody for that immensely because we we we really appreciate it we don't need you on march 24th you're going to be seeing students in every single major city marching and we have our lives.

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