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Most recent notable that came through her the study of it because there very interested in in new face i and private enterprises and what would you say in your career with said he was or has been the most satisfying aspect of of your tenure well i think um it was it was very early on when we were still on the project and we had a a we did a a launch ceremony at erez stevo and the deep face network paliska in in go down and we actually began with a lot of fanfare what we thought would be a 10year programme and i were um i was really moved by the fact that humanity was actually embarking on the exploration because we were curious because we wanted to now i thought that's it something rather amazing about human um it didn't laugh the project with terminated within a year but at that moment i felt pretty on a balanced and proud that look we human kindia something that the bigger than icao and we're trying to answer this funding mental question ensure how 'bout you have what has been the most fulfilling aspect of your writing career well this is my book so i would say on the town grab thank you have been the most satisfying down on a monthly rate magazine articles.

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