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State Senator Kevin Parker. Brooklyn is proposing a change to New York state's gun laws which would require applicants to provide. Investigators with their social media passwords and access to their search engine histories before they can be granted a handgun license. Investigators would be able to see three years worth of postings and a year of searches looking for racial slurs threats of violence and terrorism related posts, the Bill appears to have come in response to recent mass shootings in which suspects had posted threats or ranted about potential targets. No-vote is currently scheduled after one last blowout sale. Lord and Taylor plans to close its longtime Fifth Avenue flagship in January for generations, the holiday windows of the store of help to define Christmas and New York. Now, the decorations are signs saying everything must go next year. The eleven storey renaissance style building will be taken over by we work the workspace leasing company we work in several investors. Aim to close the eight hundred fifty million dollar deal to buy the building by the end of January. The Carnegie delicatessen will reopen as an eight-day pop up two years after shuttering its midtown location. The revive. Title is thanks to Amazon prime video using it to promote the second season of the marvelous MRs Mazel which returns on December fifth the Delhi which was known as much for its celebrity clientele as it's heaping sandwiches closed at seventh avenue restaurant on New Year's Eve in two thousand sixteen after seventy nine years in business. Those who up to get a taste of what once was will be able to do. So from December first to eighth at two. Oh, one Lafayette street in no leader, the star of the pop up will be the Mazel sandwich for ninety nine cents which will be stuffed with pastrami, salami coleslaw and special sauce on marble rye. WCBS news time twelve forty one. I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. Today's fluctuating interest rates can leave you with unexpected higher mortgage payments at Quicken Loans. We've created a new way to protect you from unpredictable interest rates. So you can buy a home with certainty. It's called rate shield, and here's how it works with rate shield. You can lock your interest rate while you shop for a new home. So if rates go up, you don't have to worry. And here's the best part. If rates go down you get the lower rate. With rate shield. We really have you covered. Here are more reasons why you wanna work with America's largest mortgage lender. For eight years in a row now Jd power has ranked Quicken Loans highest in the nation in customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination. And for the fifth year in a row, they've also ranked us highest in the nation for mortgage servicing rate shield, another way, we can save you money on your mortgage. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com. Basin. Rocket mortgage data in comparison to public data records, Rachel approval only battle answering thirty year purchase transactions. Call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states animals, thirty thirty additional conditions are exclusions may apply. How does your flash briefing or ask your smart speaker play WCBS eight eighty it's twelve forty two. Now sports. I with Gregg Caserta, the giants and jets are hopefully well rested, and well fed after taking and banks given the G men are looking for their third straight win when they kick off week twelve at the link in Philadelphia a win for big blue ties them with the eagles at four and seven. Meanwhile, Josh mccown will get the call and place of the injured Sam darnold when the jets try to snap their four game losing streak against Tom Brady and the patriots at MetLife stadium team still have one more meeting after this game. In foxboro. Here's a college football overview from Saturday top three teams all remained undefeated after Alabama Clemson and Notre Dame came away with winds number four. Michigan wasn't as lucky. They got crushed by number ten Ohio State sixty two to thirty nine. Here's a fun score for you. Number twenty two Texas A and M over number seven LSU's, seventy four seventy two and seven overtimes NBA. Knicks said south to Memphis nets hosting the Sixers both tip off set for six o'clock, finally hockey Rangers. Were tripped up by the caps five to three while the islanders..

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