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Report small what is expected to plead not guilty to the charges it's likely he will be allowed to remain free on bond as he awaits trial the original charges against him were dropped by state's attorney Kim Foxx last year then special prosecutor Dan Webb was appointed to look into her handling of the case city of Chicago is also suing smaller to recover costs of that investigation democratic candidates in the cook county state's attorney's race squared off last night in the first of two debates the juror jussie Smollett case dominated the debate state's attorney Kim Foxx speaking first here followed by challengers Donna Moore Bob Fioretti and bill Conway this race is in about one case this race is about the enactment of meaningful criminal justice reform and the status quo that wanted to see things the way that they are miss fox still isn't Allen is the truth about what happened in that case and that's why the people have lost confidence in her administration I would not treat somebody like Jessie Smollett differently than anybody else with no matter what is said out of it clearly in this case miss fox loss that public trust in the fact that she lied about being recused from this case and also lied about how the office always handles cases this way you can you just can't have that the state's attorney's office it needs to be a beacon of public trust more on those smaller case throughout the morning WGN's Ryan burrows a criminal courts and he'll have more information as soon as it becomes available a Chicago man is due in bond court today after police found armor piercing bullets in his car Antonio Cummings was arrested after being pulled over early yesterday in the four hundred block of south Keeler officers discovered a magazine containing armor piercing rifle rounds and body armor with insignia depicting a Chicago police department star in his vehicle Cummings is charged with possessing armor piercing bullets the Dow Jones has been down more than nine hundred fifty points in early trading on Wall Street global markets fearing spiking corona vice virus cases Bankrate dot com's mark Hamrick says the markets are reacting to the possibility that the virus cannot be contained we're seeing obviously the case of scrap do are one and it'll let you see the quarantines going into effect now in Europe and so others of having widening economic impacts and financial markets have to adjust to market in Italy are done now six percent in the U. S. the Dow is down eight hundred and sixty three points Katherine Johnson the NASA NASA mathematician depicted in the movie hidden figures has died she was one hundred and one the current NASA administrator says Johnson was an American hero and that her pioneering legacy will never be forgotten Johnson was one of the so called human computers who calculated Rajit rocket trajectories and earth orbits by hand during Nassar's early years is until nineteen fifty eight she and other black women worked in racially segregated computing units at NASA their work help NASA land humans on the moon now with WGN sports here's Dave warts is sponsored by northwestern basketball Chicago's big ten team Blackhawks had rekindled their hopes with the win over Nashville Friday but they couldn't sustain it they lost to Dallas to to water Xfinity X. five Blackhawks report the hawks eight points out of a playoff spot twenty games to go the trade deadline comes up at two o'clock this afternoon the bulls put up seventy three points in the first half went on to beat Washington one twenty six one seventeen snapping their eight game losing streak rookie call the white with thirty three for the second night in a row joining Michael Jordan as the only rookies in franchise history to put together back to back thirty point games the Milwaukee.

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