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In Gilroy California and a person killed at a festival in Brooklyn New York over the weekend as well Gary Lee is Mitch car talked with former fort worth police chief Jeff hall said about personal safety at any major event you know this is a conversation that continuously you have to have with your friends family and loved ones at your Kenny at that wet so as you're walking into the event please pay close attention to your fastest and most strategic exit because you always want to make sure you get out of the threatening environment but also look around and see how much security is in place how many uniformed officers personnel are they wanting people as they go when dosed should give you a little more sense of calm but still discuss the plan with your loved ones in your friends and family if catastrophe X. happened this is our plan because hoarding them all together and trying to leave together is not going to be effective at the time of the crisis happening right so let's let's talk this through because in the case of Gilroy it appears that this guy cut through the fence in order to avoid the this the one thing that was going on the metal detectors then you have course right Las Vegas comes to mind where you didn't even bother going to the van he was in the hotel across the street so as well as we go into the place you're talking about finding those points of exit and and maybe those places to hide correct yeah I would never recommend the hiding I would want to make sure I continuously effectuate the area from where the shots.

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