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Stories are more today you're on the world. I'm Marco Werman. This is the world. Glad you could make it here. We begin the show today in South Africa with an advertisement that has sparked real anger there. It's a hair care. Add that many people say is racist protests against a company behind have already forced some of its retail outlets to close the world's Halima Conde starts us off with that story. Even Fubu decided she was done chemically straightening her hair almost a decade ago but despite being a black woman in South Africa that wasn't an easy decision back then in your natural curly hair was pretty unpopular. Buffoon says thought she didn't have the money to street in her hair with a chemical relax her or get a we've or wig from people I thought I'd fallen on hard times and. couldn't afford is lexa anymore and you. Look people kept asking me when I do my head that Miss Cooper kept up with it. She started a now popular blog called natural sisters in her video. She gives instructions on creating intricate black hairstyles breeds locked in twists her videos now get thousands of views in soup out gets compliments on her beautiful hair. Now, with more your views, I, love to hear I love your hairstyle and even when you go out with Chunky please check you brave the more positive compliment than the negative ones that I was carrying. It's a sign of how much things have changed when it comes to natural. Hair in South Africa. This is why Mukuba was. So surprised to see an ad that seemed to demean it. The advertisement was hosted on the website of clicks a major retail train in South Africa. It pictured a black woman on one side with natural curly hair that was labeled dry damaged frizzy and Dole, and then a white woman with blonde straight hair labeled fine flat and normal mclucas. Food says the AD was hurtful overused sending a message that Caucasian? Hey, that is straight and Bouncy is normal, and then the other here that you said is damaged obviously is abnormal and in a country where. The. Blacks are the majority. The ad sparked an angry reaction on social media and in real life, a political party called the economic freedom fighters said, the ad was racist and called for a boycott of clicks stores Marshall to the meany is party leader. Who made all? Of. Dozens of stores on Monday were forced to close down by protesters.

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