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So if I'm better, I'm gonna force them or I'm going to try to. Force Mullins into the throwing an uncomfortable spaces, and that's going to be near the edges on the outside. And I'm probably going to pack as many damn defenders as I can in the middle of possible. Because if Nick Mullins is going to find success against the giants, that's where he's gonna wanna find it. And so I'm I expect we'd see a lot of cover one a lot of cover one robber. And just basically taking away the middle forcing throws on the outside. And then probably bring in some pressure that hopefully Molins hasn't seen before. Nick Mullins for as impressive as he was on Thursday night. He's going to you know, you got tape in the league now, and nobody can adjust or catch up faster than NFL coaches will for the most part, obviously, there's still some boneheads out there doing things that make absolutely no sense. But you'd like to think that if you're in the NFL coaching you've got legit taped on Nick Mullins. Now, the giants certainly know exactly what they can expect from Nick Mullins. I think from a talent standpoint as you mentioned that throw that you're talking about just I think they even said it on TV broadcasts as well. In the moment, he could tell he just didn't have the arm strength at least on that individual throw in. It's a hard throw. That's why at the Columbine every every quarterback that shows up to the Columbine. They asked him to throw that deep out route because they wanna see if you know from one hash can you throw fifteen yards on a rope to the to the opposite side line. It's difficult throw. But the elite quarterbacks make it and the not elite quarterbacks don't in the one place. You can't leave it as you mentioned is inside. Nick Mullins kinda got away with one last week against the bad raiders defense. But now that it's been shown the New York Giants are obviously seeing that ain't gonna force a lot of those those receivers into the middle of the field and say go ahead, you know, or excuse me. Try try to keep those receivers from out of the inside of the field. Put defenders in the middle of the field and say if you're going to beat us you're gonna make throws outside with the hashes you need to make them down the field. And we're going to force you to continue to show us that you can do this. Because right now, it's too early to say if he legit Ken. Can the Niners really continue any of the defense of success against the giants? This is of course, a giants team that drafted a generational talent and saquon Barkley, of course, a running back that has helped them win. So many games wins above replacement are of course, the preeminent running back stat. And you can put at least what like six wins on saquon Barkley shoulders. That's that's how this works. Is. That is that what's happening. That's exactly how it works. Yep. Yeah. So basically, you've got the all jokes aside. The giants do have talent on offense. It's not at the quarterback position. But it is that the wide receiver position. And while I disagree with dropping someone like Barkley that high overall. He is still a talented running back. Do you think that the giants are going to have more success in the raiders on offense? And to do you think that the Niners defense will be able to hold that offense at bay enough to be able to kind of give Mullen some breathing room in order to give him, you know, kind of some. Some space to actually not play behind them scoreboard for so long. I think the giants will definitely find more success from the raiders in. That's just from a superstar perspective saquon Barkley generational talent Oto Beckham junior. When on his game is elite Evan anger him. The giants tight end is actually a solid receiving tight end in the second year in the league still kind of improving, but overall there are some more pieces there, I think if ectively the that the New York Giants can exploit I do at the same time think that Nick Mullins starts. Fortunately are coming at the same time that the forty Niners of playing bad opponents, and that includes offensively bad opponents. The New York Giants still are putting ally manning under center, and he's well past his prime doesn't look particularly good..

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