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Here. Karen to grant transfer from Cornell playing for university, Minnesota. Duluth has been an absolute rock on their third period with Hunter level like this year in a little practice. Went on by the net. Karen's Make sure that he gets out there to settle things down you Masters had some workman like shift. It's a chance for outside the great age taste all equal to the task guarantees senior but does not have the frozen four experience as it's a bulldog to onto looking for a lateral up the far wing, and he's written all the way back to the end boards. Back up the far boards. There is Karen's parents point to point Landing Gear Point Rally, tees it up now just decides to roll the fuck back behind the goal. Loose jobs out front and you Mass. Denies the scoring opportunity. His chip back down into the Bulldogs owned by Leave Webster. Little Dogs have a go with the speed that you have these four words have tracking back and allows you have these Defense Corps. Playoff, tighten her gap to the blue line because they know if they slow the rush down. The back check is coming in with such speed, they could pick off a lot of plays and picks the pocket. Eight minutes left here in the first period. No score between Minnesota Duluth and U Mass shots are now 43 Bulldogs. The last three shots in the game belong to the minute man on the turnover can keep your tractor The one time shot from here. Circle fan on the shot found after the Farpoint Colin Felix Walking the line. Right hand shot down low goes off the backboards off the back of his old take Minnesota Duluth Controls can't clear the fuck out back up the far boards Felix again in front of the bulldog bench. Point to point. Tell guys on your point, rich down off the body wide of state school into the year circle Beyond the banks it back out to center grab by Felix. Host right back down into the Bulldog zone. Three ships for each team's fourth line and you Masses fourth line has been better on all those ships. And that is not the way you're more playing time. Minnesota Duluth Late breakaway developing for no case in towards the goal, stripped away back four point back down low case behind you, Maskell Mila Cates from the near corner guides it back near point bounces off the stick of dairy and goats kept the zone now off of sweaty pinballs.

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