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You for being on sterling on Sunday thanks for having me if you have chronic pain you've probably tried too many products and they didn't work I have chronic pain in my thumbs and my feet arm Walter sterling I went online one night and I was looking for something that would remove it and I discovered CBD products C. B. as in boy D. as in dog C. B. D. products that I found out that there was a wide array of them in dozens of companies selling them these are products extracted from the marijuana plant they don't get you high they don't require a prescription you don't need a doctor and they're legal they're completely legal now do they work well I said I I give up and I got to try it I got to try to get rid of this pain in my thumbs and the pain in my feet so I ordered C. B. D. products I ordered them from C. B. distillery I did not know that CB distillery was the best company to buy CBD products from I had no idea until I got them and they work the pain in my thumb disappeared the pain in my feet disappeared was like instead it might not be instant for you it might take you know half hour an hour I I can't promise everybody's different but for me good CBD products took the pain away then I found out that C. B. distillery is the best place to get these products because that's their business this is what they do you look on the website at C. B. distillery dot com C. bi distillery dot com what he gonna see you're gonna see not one little jar of oil you're going to see dozens of.

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