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He plays a definitely plays an important like right now. You don't have hard. I am on frank. Clark like i like i. I can't put him over. Frank right now like i don't feel comfortable doing that. He he was better last year. The frank clark. He was a better football player last year for the chiefs. And frankly i wouldn't. Frank was was not great. I'm just saying as we start. The wrinkling had four more sax last year than luxurious new. As we start the impressive as we start this year though. I'm just saying for me like when. I talk about history and everything that's occurred. I am not sure that i would jump him over that yet. I i don't know man i. I hope that i am wrong. But but in terms of number one corner. Until i see other evidence for me right now thinking about a guy following somebody a guy. That's going to take that assignment. Every week to defined against odeal gets a keenan allen gets. I don't know who denver has but against against orleans. Good receiver jerry. Judy jerry judy. Caja hamlin noah. Fan offense loaded. Not but there's no. I i think i just not ready to go there yet with him. So i mean we'll we'll see. Hopefully i am wrong hopefully by week. Four or five this season. We're sitting there looking at a show. You is dead ass wrong about snead dead from. Here's my question as a follow up to this i. I'm really high on luxurious. Need so much. So that as we're thinking about this right now. Is there another corner other than marcus. Peters that you would take in the last five ten years from the chiefs that are better than luxurious neat. Am i missing somebody. I don't i mean they have struggled that position. If we're counting tire in a corner in this scenario then yeah. I would take him over tyrant i would take tyrant at corner over him. No i mean it's i mean we're looking at terrence mitchell's. That may be the next guy. I mean they. They didn't car was kinda had a little bit of time in air brandon flowers. I was going to say james hasty. I mean that was that was twenty years now. But that's i think he's better second best corner of the last decade. I mean that. And i feel pretty confident saying that. Now i mean. That's pretty impressive. It's not. I mean the the chiefs cornerback. Position has been absolutely pathetic. They they i mean i mean. I guess you could say impressive. Just start. start good defenses. Try it try it names of corners. I skin can't last. The last ten years is brandon car. Even fit in the last ten years barely shocks that he fits say that's been a minute like they. Who are they roll at. Terrance mitchell was on the other side else where they rolling out at steven nelson. Oh come on. Hansie steve member. My favorite landau dude. Sean smith was good yes johnson. That's his name. He was good for them. You saw the good cop. That's a good comper for how i feel about. Julius need i feel about jerry. Need how i felt in his prime about Sean smith and i always feel sean. Smith was a too. I thought he played up to a one with the chiefs. Yeah he has. I think he had the best years of his career with the chiefs. And that was when those were those. Bob sutton defenses. That were like actually decent and we're actually competitive every year instead of getting exploited by nfl. Offenses yeah i think he did play his best years still wouldn't know a one felt like he was a strong too. And that's that's just what i feel like. The kid is. The kid is right now. I feel like we're talking about baseball. How we talk about number. One pitchers versus aces. Yeah feel like. You're looking for aces. i'm talking about a strong number one starter like that. That's what i view these guys as are. they aces. No that's where you're getting into your jalen ramsey's and The top end talent. These guys i think are legit number one starters on a good team. Yeah mike. If we're talking about like that i think he's a to starter like he's a number to start right now. Yeah i think cow gibson that has potential. Better cal keeps. He's somebody who's got all scoured cows cinemas mizzou made or but if he's if he's a number two guy that you're not going to look at it as a number one headed into the year then he's shot brilliant and bershad bruin was perfectly fine for your secondary because that's what britain is viewed as in the nfl. I'll give you that. I i i'll give you that but still what bershad be really. I mean he was a guy that you didn't just leave alone on folks like you didn't just say are Rashad got hopkins. Let's just do it. I'd felt good about brillant and twenty nineteen last year. I felt like he took a little bit of a step back from the chiefs. But i thought in twenty nineteen like when you look back at that highlight reel of some of their biggest defensive plays in that season a vast majority of them involves chateaubriand. It's i. I'm just i'm higher on there. I also once again kind of to our initial topic here tonight ron. I feel better about their coaching staff. Like i just. I trust their coaches to get the most out of their corners. Maybe more so than any other spot on this roster because they've been so depleted at that position for so long that the fact that they've even been able to get competent. Cornerback play over. The last few years is nothing. Short of remarkable. Yeah all right. I guess we do have to to to do. Our annual or weekly conversation of.

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