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It seems like these exist for any make sure what is wrong with me. Maybe maybe you what's wrong with me. Maybe that's for the click clack Smokey. I love that soft reply back. One moment. So yeah, I don't know. I just I also like I don't know. I don't know how she managed to like. I'm interested to look into the the the hollow taco Grande is so well done. The product is really good. And also the packaging is really good. They got it to me really quickly. Even in this pandemic situation. It was like her boxes are fun. So they have limited edition ones with every new line. But this is the box that it came in. It had a month. I can't see myself. I had a hollow sticker here holding it closed and then it's like one of these boxes and it says hello, it's me on the inside of it off. Like they always the special ones have like special things on the inside where the hollow it's me is and it's just like very The Branding is really good and everything and that's why I feel like she must have left your job at this point. Either that or she's like working with an established brand but they're doing it as a sub-brand but like usually like I've done those types of deals before in my working life and usually those brands are now Might as well cared for as the main brand that that a that a company does they'll like give them like a side website and maybe like a couple of people on it, but they're not going to like invest a whole lot of creative into it. But this one really has clearly has a lot of her heart and soul in it. I just have to imagine that she's got some Partners helping her with like sourcing and stuff like that and you know, my products manager brain wants to learn more about it, but you should see her product man man. That would be really cool Hannah. So like for you someday if that's what you wanted to do that sort of stuff for them. You know, YouTubers are like cool creative. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hey been serious question. Have you ever like been interested or or have done like painted your nails painting your nails is not something that ever like peaked your interest. Oh really cool. I would I don't know. Hey, that males are cool. Cuz I cuz I know some due to like would be dead. To it and don't do it for a variety of reasons. I don't like the way it feels on my fingers. I get really I feel finally. Oh you asking like you could something I've been interested in but wouldn't but like felt weird about no. No. I was just wondering well, maybe I guess I was just wondering if that's something that ever you were ever like. Oh that seems cool. I want to try it or if you're like nah, no interest whatsoever. Yeah, kind of the ladder. Yeah, but I think I have good news for it. Number one. I think it's really cool and guys do it. I'd like to see more of that happening and have been but me that name is Luke Bryan dude Gilbert. Awesome. Yeah, I'm Travis McElroy, of course. So yeah, so that's that's why I just I think she's pretty cool. I can see why she how she's not everybody's cup of tea necessarily but and she loves T. But like she did recently you and they were she was sat in her backyard in a kiddie pool and Steve's self in T and did a Q&A and that was like the whole video she's done three of those but the other two were in her at all with the T. Yeah, one of them was hot tea and then the second one was with iced tea and she was sweating like visibly like she she did sweat on camera when she was in the hot bath and then she was life. Her boyfriend came in Midway through the ice tea one because it was just cold water and just dumped ice in there. Yes, then they got smart and did the third one outside but nice. Yeah, but yeah, it sounds nice Canadians, you know, they get all sorts of crazy stuff. That's really convenient. So yeah, I would recommend if you're looking for like a like a fun but soothing watch she often has cats in her background check out Simply nailogical am fine, but soothing Beauty like students are fine. But so then this the end nice good one to go off. All right, so let's do homework. From where are analogies work? Yeah. My work is to number one check out voctave. They are just an incredible group of musicians and I really loved and admired their work that they do and check out their their YouTube channel has a bunch of great videos. And then once you fall in love with those check out, what's your Tara off Simon Studios Tara Tara Tara Tara Tara Tara Simon Studios, who knows what? I thought I'd been but what I meant to say was Tara Simon Studios, so Sarah time and see their attentiveness review videos the videos off and I recommend watching them in chronological order because it's really a really fun progression and it's not that much time elapses and they're all from like 2018. 2019 so so just make it really clear watch the Sarah time in studios reactions to the octaves business printing that Boise. That's the way that's the way and that's all I know social media. So. That's good. Yeah making them but not social media. That's right. Then. What's your homework? Watch Adventure Time? I.

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