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Still inside the administration the plan to bomb syria is going forward secretary of state john kerry goes out makes a big speech denouncing bizarro assad basically making the case for a strike slum cite the risk of doing things we need to ask what is the risk of doing nothing ben says staffer start to talk about how obama will announce the bombing primetime speech or not and then obama goes for a walk with his chief of staff denis mcdonough who was against intervention after that ben and some others get called to the office and i walk up there and i was the first guy in the in the room in a bomb on the desk and he says to me you know i've got a big idea and i remember just being like well you're the guy dea guy you know and he says i decided to go see congressional authorization for acting syria like that thing the republicans are preemptively accusing me of not doing i'm gonna do it one of the biggest criticisms of obama was that when he was campaigning in two thousand seven he told the boston globe quote the president does not have power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation unquote so on that day in the oval office obama reminds ben and others about that quote and he's i agree with that guy like i that's what i believe i'm that guy like i believe in the national law and constitutional law and he's like we can't keep going into wars and middle eastern countries this way like there's too much power in the presidency i'm trying to show that i mean what i say that in a democracy like we all have to be behind these decisions so they go around the room and nearly everybody is like all right let's ask congress vice president joe biden says congress will support obama they'll be there for you on this he says the only person who didn't think he would get get sport from congress susan rice national security adviser rich i have to say and it was interesting because i wouldn't put this in the most delco way possible i think as an african american like susan saw the nature of the opposition to him in a way that was different from biden in that biden was like well these guys are always hard on you but but on something like this they'll be there and susan's like you know they'll never be there we contacted susan rice about this but she declined to comment so then.

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