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That it it sort of becomes another person who worked for trump. i think worked hard for trump and then leaves. You know non under the best of circumstances and i think that's a i think in the long run we will look at what Bill barr did and and he will look very well. In retrospect and we have yet to hear from joe biden on his attorney general nominee But we do have a justice department that is investigating. Reportedly hunter biden the incoming president son and in the middle of a transition. Kim do you think that that bars Departure makes it more likely that the justice department will appoint a special counsel in that case. I certainly hope not. I know that there are rising pressure rising calls from republicans that he do so We actually wrote an editorial and that came out today. Making the i thought very persuasive argument for why that would be a bad idea and mostly because it's a question of political accountability You just mentioned the fact that joe biden going to be naming an attorney general. We don't know who that is yet. But that attorney general in my mind should have to own responsibility for the proper outcome of a or a legitimate outcome in an investigation and the hunter biden. Meaning you know. We know that the us attorney for delaware has been looking at this for two years now. They opened the investigation in two thousand eighteen. It should be by all accounts. A fairly straightforward financial investigation it send money laundering and tax questions. Those are things that. Us attorneys office deal with all the time. There's no reason to believe that they cannot finish that Probe fairly and competently as long as there's no political pressure on them. And so you know. I think the problem with special counsels is that they comment. They're not accountable to anybody. They ended up going off on these wild tangents at takes years People often donut up getting the full story. Look at the mess that was muller whereas we ought to have. The attorneys here continued to do their job. And you know We've had members of congress who have said already at going to be watching this really closely. And if the incoming. Us attorney general us attorney general in any way switches staff out or direct people to a certain outcome or tries to kill this probe. We're going to blow the whistle and you could imagine. There would be leaks from the attorney's office. Said also blew the whistle and the and the biden administration hap- take the political consequences in blowback from that. But i. i would hope that we wouldn't go down another special council. They never end well but that call. It seems bill is now not going to be made by bill barr but potentially by you know his his replacement acting attorney general in this last month of the trump administration right the reports are that donald trump wants a special counsel for for hunter biting so the question is is he going to..

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