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Sounds good. It's hosted by Molly Lambert, who is a really smart and funny writer here in Los Angeles, who's written for every publication you probably read. And she, yeah, she put together this really engaging podcast Heidi fleiss and it's one of those, not like everything you thought you knew about Heidi slices wrong, but there is a lot of background and context that I just had no idea about. And also, I love a deep dive into kind of CD 80s LA. You know? But like rich 80s LA. Delicious, so fun. There's like a fantasy element to that even when it's real. Totally. So I am enjoying that podcast. So I recommend it if you're looking for, I think it's ten episodes. It's a short, a short podcast. It's not one of these podcasts that you're going to commit to for years and years like forever 35. You listen to it and then you're done. But I am enjoying it, so I just wanted to put that out there as a recommendation. I have another one to throw into the pile. Okay, let's hear it. Scam influencers. Oh, okay. Which is hosted by saatchi. I forget their last name. Cool works at BuzzFeed such cool. Posted by saatchi cool and Sarah hagi, and a friend of the pod Sarah any produces on it. And it's really good. Can I ask a question? Yes, Dory. How does it differ from, say, scam goddess? I haven't listened to a lot of scam goddess. It's scams in the digital influencer space. Okay, so it has a specific focus. It has a fluency focus, which I love, I love influencers scams. Totally. Modern scams. We've got our scam of the 80s. And I love a modern scam. And the nice thing about scandal answers is it's like three episodes per scam. So kind of similar to what you were saying. Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah. You don't need, you're not in it for the long haul. Right. And also you can dip in and out. You don't love one of the scams that they're talking about. You can just use it to a different one. Yes, exactly. So sometimes people ask us for our podcast Rex. And I don't think we planned on sharing today, but we've got three. Yeah, there you go. Look at us. Should I be listening to scam goddess? I don't listen to it regularly, but I have enjoyed the episodes that I listened to. I really the host lacy Mosley, is that her last name? Yeah, Lacey Mosley, who's an actress. She's so funny. And she's a great host. So I do really enjoy listening to her. My friend, I should say if we're talking about scams, my friend Katie also hosts a great spam podcast called scam wow. Oh, what's the premise of that one? She digs into all sorts of scams. She's a scammer deep diver. She's very knowledgeable about it. And I really appreciate her punt ShamWow. The play on ShamWow in her title always makes me laugh every time. I think about her podcast. I wonder what the next what the next scam. They were like true crime podcasts. Now I feel like we're in like an age. We're in the age of the scammer, right? There was like inventing Anna on Netflix, there was, there are all these scam podcasts, like what's gonna be the next thing. Well, I mean, you are the journalist who originally wrote about the hipster grifter, one of the late aughts, most iconic scammers. Yeah. And now she has a deal with Mindy. She's a deal with Mindy Kaling. I mean, how wild is that? If you could travel back in time and be like, hey, don't worry, everybody, this person who scammed the world this could have a development deal. I know. But what? You know? America, right? Oh, America. What a place. Well, listen, shifting gears a little bit. I like what I'm hearing from you that you are moving your body every day this month. Okay, so this was inspired by peloton instructor Robin arzon, our zone. How do you say her last name, our zone? I say arzon, Robin arzon. Okay. This is inspired by peloton instructor Robin arzon, who I guess has done this kind of challenge before I think she did it in December and it's not like an official peloton challenge. It's not like in the app or anything. She just, I think she just announces it on her Instagram. And it's basically just like you move the challenges to move your body for 30 minutes or three miles a day for all of June. And I really, this really spoke to me because as we have been discussing on this show, I've been feeling a little bit in body movement rut and I liked the idea of just like, you know what? You just got to move your body. It can really be anything. There's no pressure to do a program or reach a goal. It's just like this is it. And so I was like, you know what? I can do this. So I'm doing it. And we're on day three. But I've done it. I've done it every day. So I'm three for three. And what has been thus far your three movement selections? Okay, so the first day I did a 20 minute strength class on the peloton app and then a 20 minute yoga class. For a total of 40 minutes. Wow. Overachiever. And then yesterday I had my group tennis class, which was an hour long, so that was my thing for yesterday. And then today I had a tennis lesson. That was also an hour long. So that was my thing for today. I love it, Dory. Well, thanks, Kate. You know what? I like that it's half an hour. Half an hour feels doable, but you can still get something done in half an hour and feel good. I don't have to like rearrange my day to get it in so I'm like, I'm feeling good about it, feeling good about it. Story? Proud of you. Happy thank you. Would love to go on a gentle hike with you if you want to make an activity. We could do that. Can we do that? Yeah. Let's go on a gentle hike. I would love it, should we go to runyon and really look for the celebs? Runyon does not feel gentle to me. It does. It also has no sun coverage. No sunglass on coverage. Parking is a nightmare. It's such a scene. It's just like walking up a sidewalk essentially. It doesn't feel like you're in nature, really. The strange thing about this city, like if you've never been here and I hadn't really been here until we moved, is that it's very hilly, which I didn't realize. We have mountains. And so just all around the city are hikes basically behind apartment buildings. And if you've never heard of runyon, it's.

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