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Oh my God miracle of miracles wonder of wonders both Loath Mike and Brian on the same episode at the same time with me. Got The band back together we do I remember when it was Brian and Mike and not Mike and Brian so mobile hurt well attendance. Does that yeah <unk> outs life has been insane. You know not this episode. We should do an episode where we just kind of catch up on what's been going on a ketchup fluff said I think after one episode Riyan Brian This will be episode ninety five after turned ninety five episodes where we do pretty good job not having a lot of fluff content. We should have just a whole fluff episode. Yeah we could people like that. I don't want to jump the shark too badly man. We might do it for fun all right on for a change yeah so we're talking about a game that we played literally one week and one day ago that Iran in world of dungeons and I called it Atari Tower and it was not named after the Atari system it was actually named after a John Wayne movie that is terrible <hes> but also great. I have to interject her a quick. I think this might have been the first movie theme based game that none of us Gotha reference for congratulations dusty. Actually I stole the title from that movie but nothing else has taken from that movie <hes> okay. I got this adventure from somewhere and I wasn't going to tell you where Mike and you bringing up. I almost WANNA tell you but I'm so worried it'll ruin it. It'll cheapen in Israel. Think less of me. I would never think less view dusty. We'll see at the end. I might tell you where it came from. We'll see how I feel about it. I this is not a petits thing when trying to like tantalize the audience. I'm honestly not sure I'M GONNA share it all right. Let's let's rate this game. So it was backed the role of dungeons campaign it was those characters that we made for a one-shot <hes> listeners might remember that we played the the frozen game the frozen session where we had Ursula instead of Elsa and all that that was in the system with these characters so we revisited this world we played in person. You guys came over to my house. It was awesome to <hes> get back together for for an in person session and I want to know your your numeric ratings and a quick sentence about how why you rated the session what you rated it. Let's start with Brian. I gave it a five in my mind it. was you know more or less than average game with more or less on average sort of system. I had a couple issues whether it had a lot of a ton of fun <hes> but a couple of issues with it mostly with the system. I you know as many games we played now. <hes> I thinking statistically <hes> it's it's really right in the middle and in that case it's really five so I couldn't scored any higher and I definitely didn't want to score lower Mike so I went with a seven of course being biased towards enjoying world of dungeons and more importantly enjoying my character and these word of dungeon campaigns we've done. I automatically floated to the top but I think what can be from going. A little bit higher was <hes> the the feeling of overwhelming threat in this dungeon right. It felt like everything we touched would suddenly blow up on us if we touched at the wrong way and I think it kept us for making thinking you know a lot of a lot of mistakes that could have been really fun but also resulted in in our deaths. ooh That's interesting so I read the game six I brian my thinking was more or less in line with yours. This session was about average there there. There's a Lotta than better I could've done more more good. I can't think of the right you sound like my seven year old. Yeah where I was going with more <hes> I could've done better I coulda had visuals could have had props I could've pulled something magical chuckle out of my hat <hes> and as it was it was just a pretty good session and being a pretty good session I went with six so we're going to do something different with feedback today. Something that's a pretty normal feedback exercise in the workplace cut knows that Brian Mike can. I have lived through more than enough of these yeah. It's called start. Stop and continue so the rating was for the session. The start stop at continue is for me the G._M.. I'm specifically when running <hes> the session or or this game this campaign gene so a specific start. Stop continue so start things you want to see more of or you want to see that you're not seeing stop things that you you know that you're seeing that need to go away and continue things that you're seeing that you like like let's start with start Brian. What should I start doing? I'm not saying that you didn't do it in this game but I really think you need to start like really being lethal <hes> I mean we've been playing long enough to where <hes> I think sometimes we get complacent with the way that we play and one thing that keep things rashes holy crap. This system is lethal so don't be afraid to kill us. Don't be afraid to you know a lettuce <hes> <hes> you know suffer the pain of loss a little bit <hes> and and you know maybe it might toughness his players. <hes> you know I I think that <hes> you we've grown a lot but we still have a lot of growing left to do and to to really be mature mature about things and <hes> approaching things beings with <hes> with adult mindset in adult not being you know <hes> risque or whatever adult being really mature and everything I would I would say <hes> maybe toughness up a little bit and you know if dis dis with that being said. I really love my character in this campaign so please kill everybody else except Bragman. It's all I gotta say my character almost died like and I was entirely okay with that. I was actually a little sad. I think when my character ended up living got the part where your character died wouldn't it almost dot <hes> I think twice the first time it took the first time character took damage. I mean it started off with to hit points right. I forgot I forgot. We started the session off rolling your character yeah because Brian you hadn't played in our previous two sessions in campaign. Nope Bosso Mike and Nathan I level to I guess at this point. I'd love a one and my character you know my character was that the glass last cannon and certainly certainly fragile so we rolled your hip points and you had two hip points Yup. I think I think a lot of that came down to when when we <hes> the three of us win when Nathan Chris and I originally wrote her characters for road of Dungeons. I think we took a different approach to it to win. Brian did right so we took like a good half hour forty five minutes to create our characters and the super simple you know super simple three page system. We still took like half an hour easily to to think about what we were doing and putting it together and I think Brian kind of made more arrest approach because it was so simple and didn't really have a chance to kind of think about what would work for for optimizing his character now that I said that kind of out loud I'm kind of saying we took the opportunity to cheeser characters up. where bright had that opportunity? I think it hurt. I don't know that I had the opportunity to optimize so much. I think it optimize as far as like this the attributes and I rolled <hes> I mean I can't help that. Make your truly to hit points. It's just the way it worked out true. Well I mean you could have done like armor and stuff which he didn't had a shield and they had light armor of Data Shield at the end of the game though 'cause I gave you a shield. Oh yeah yeah that's right yeah yeah so like I said I think they're they're maybe with a little more investment of time. It wouldn't have been as glass cannon and you might have been able to make a little more more rounded character. That would have been less likely to die so D- feel when easy on you in the session Brian took to bring you back to life I mean I mean it wasn't so much. I don't feel that you went to easy easy. I feel that in generally in most games you do <hes> I feel in this one. I mean unless I'm wrong. I mean you didn't pull you punches. My character just happened to die or happened to go down but the mechanics were such that a hill potion away from you know being resuscitated so I don't think you an easy on me but maybe maybe you did and it just didn't realize it so fun fact and I just reviewed the rules to make certain there's no real death undying dying rules here. There's no real rule about what happens when your hip went to get reduced zero. Are you in conscious or are you dead. How long can you be down? There's just a very brief paragraph with just a one two three four sentences. Instances about how to roll your hit die and how to read roll your hit die when you're when you rest or when you or attended by a healer and that's it so we could have said zero hit points you. You're simply dead. I didn't WanNA play that way. I don't even feel like I thought that's more old school than old school so I you weren't down for long. You're down very briefly in someone invested a he'll potion to get you back up yeah and I mean again not a lot of rules around this so us at that point. It's kind of transparent to get my I play the system no sure and trying to resist your feedback. I'm just trying to I really think at through yeah. No I honestly as we are going to pre show. We're sort of talking through ideas ideas of what we WANNA do for start stopping you continue and I didn't have a stop by do now so we'll get to that kind of excited to share that <hes> but yeah I think we're all trying to figure this out as we go because we're used to like these systems with like this framework framework that provides for usually not everything but most things this doesn't have that yeah oh no zero points. Let how do the work. Let's turn to the death dying chapter or the death undying page of rules. This has nothing. He tried to eat figured out. Okay good feedback Mike which I start doing yeah I'm still blank on start was opened by the time we got here. I could come up with something for start but I'm still struggling with that. So maybe we pass ask for now and I'll see if I have something by the episode Stop Brian. What should I stopped doing playing world of dungeons them? I you know we've talked about before I like Nick Games..

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