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Next clip. We have is Jack's four year old son taking the some of the action away. Little old Jack junior there. He's singing traditional folk song. John hardy now, I understand the great musicologist. Alan Lomax played a part in getting songs of the Oki's made what was his role. Well, it was with low max is help that. The project was underwritten by the archive of American folk song at the library of congress, and they supplied them with a quote unquote, portable fifty pound presto, lacquer discounter for the job. All right, while we're on the Lomax is we need to mention, Allen's father and fellow musicologist. John Lomax who actually had a radio show. What was ballot hunter the ballot? Hunter was a series of ten syndicated folk programs that we have in our collection and like sunken and Todd's documentary for WNYC these shows were somewhat novel at the time because they incorporated original field recording. And what we have here is a sample of the type of music you'd here on this show. Here's a recording Lomax made in a segregated men's prison in Sugarland. Texas. The prisoner known as clear rock Platt. Blue. Why not saw the dust bowl courtesy of the WNYC archives? Andy, thank you for the audio history lesson. Thank you, just remind our listeners can hear this material and so much more at WNYC dot ORG slash archive slash collections. Anything much? We'll see you next.

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