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Okay i got it i'm gonna face obstacles but the obstacles aren't there to take me out there dare to elevate me so i just stepped towards them and you're on my side and then you're telling me i gotta be me like when they tried to put saul's armor on today that it didn't fit yet like one day it would one day he'd be the king one day he would be able to do that but it didn't fit yet and god did not expect david to be what he wasn't to defeat glides he said i'm gonna use you how you are pick up the slingshot in the five smooth stones that's what you know that's the thing i want to break in somebody's who feel like you gotta talk like somebody or dress like somebody obese something guy says i made you which are weak humor and you'll funny accent and i use all of that but you can't conform to others because they were successful in an area guts that there's a fingerprint and dna that you have that you on lock your favorite in the earth and you joe recess sources in if you're you that's only if your mark you only can be you i can't come up here and be anybody somebody pets stephen gall where john gray hair here i'm the skinnier little brother vers of him you gotta you gotta be you in the last thing is when you mart somebody say marked when you're marked you have to have the odd city to honor.

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