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Ah, Michael Scott News Radio 1200 W away. I Cloudy today High in the upper sixties around 68 degrees 54. Now a w O A. I Rush Limbaugh's Morning commentary. Those were the days Coming up before seven o'clock your spurs flashback. We go back five years There's a Boban sighting. And it comes up before 6 30 But first back in the day on the day this day, the 27th Day of January. What Baba Loo Mom loved bump bump to boot. Here was 1958 and Richard Penniman. Otherwise known as Little Richard quit. His music career to enroll at Oakwood Bible College in Huntsville, Alabama. As soon as he enrolled, he said, the Lord is on the side of ballad singers. Rock and roll is strictly Satan's music. Made the decision after his plane caught fire while he was on tour and promised God he'd studied the Bible if he didn't go down in flames. Unfortunately, speaking of flames, 1967 Astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White Roger Chaffee died on the Cape Kennedy launchpad when their Apollo command module became engulfed in fire. 45 years ago. 23456 families. Each meal relies on housing. Everybody paraded the Happy Day spinoff, Laverne and Shirley premiered..

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